Fudge Kitchen Unveil New Website and Reintroduce International Shipping

Confectionery producers, Fudge Kitchen, have launched a brand-new website after their significant online success following the pandemic. The new website is not only easier to navigate, but now accepts Apple and Android pay, as well as offering international shipping.  

When retail closed during lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 Fudge Kitchen sales took a considerable blow. Their marketing team pivoted to throw everything they had at digital and began driving customers to the website instead. It paid off and the artisan producers saw a record increase in online sales between 2019 and 2020, at times 1000%, and doubled their average basket value.   

Fudge Kitchen Marketing Manager, Richard Parson, says “Throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns we saw a massive spike in new customers, many of whom had never shopped with us directly before and we were keen to ensure they had the same experience our shop customers enjoy. We quickly hit the limit on our old website and so took the opportunity to develop a new site, packed with new features to deliver the best customer experience we can.”  

Fudge Kitchen partnered with local web design agency Digital Beans to create their Shopify based platform. Customers can now easily navigate the 80+ products that the confectionery connoisseurs have to offer. Additional features include being able to pre-order upcoming seasonal flavours, like their Jam Doughnut, Creamy Coffee, and Hazelnut Heaven Fudge slices. The fudge makers pride themselves on their innovative flavour combinations and have a dedicated NPD team who are renowned for thinking outside the (fudge) box.  

As part of their website refresh Fudge Kitchen have devoted a space on the homepage to their fundraising mission. Their 2022/23 donations total over £15k to causes around the world, and their 2023 fundraising target is set at £17k.  

In 2021 the confectionery producer changed their approach to charitable giving, partnering with giving platforms B1G1 and WorkForGood, to provide positive impacts not only on the environment, but to local and community initiatives too. Since 2020 Fudge Kitchen have donated a meal via Fareshare for every order placed online worth over £10.  

This year Fudge Kitchen have reintroduced international shipping, opening new doors for customers globally. Their extensive range of confectionery, including traditional slab fudge, gourmet fudge boxes, chocolate enrobed caramels, crunchy brittles and drinking fudge is now available globally. 

To see Fudge Kitchen’s confectionery offering and new website visit: https://www.fudgekitchen.co.uk/en  

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