I am Döner is off to Dubai

I am Döner, the award winning better kebab brand backed by Think Hospitality, has signed a multi-site franchise deal to take the brand to the UAE, a deal facilitated by Socius Group.

The partnership with Dash Hospitality Group, the company behind the franchise of Coffee Planet and Goi Rolls in the UAE, will see the first international openings for the brand, with a first site due to open by the end of 2021 in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis. The brand is behind the franchise of Coffee Planet and Goi Rolls in the Middle East.

Hayder Al Nashie, CEO of Dash Hospitality Group says ‘I have been searching across the globe for a Döner concept for a long time, and more so when I opened uniQitchen in 2020 (our cloud kitchen concept). When I saw I am Döner, I knew we had found an amazing brand and with the help of David Singleton we have made that a reality. We simply cannot wait to serve the City with what we think is the best Döner in the world.’ 

I am Döner Chairman, James Hacon says ‘We are excited to start our international roll out with the team at Dash Hospitality Group, who have both the experience and vision to make this a massive success. This is the culmination of three years of hard work from the I am Döner team where we have strengthened leadership and focused on taking a fantastic concept and making it run like a systemised well oiled machine. We have had many respected operators through the business in recent months who have been very positive about the business and it’s operational rigour. We are in many active conversations about further deals in the UK and overseas.’ 

David Singleton, Partner at Socius Group says, ‘We have been thrilled to work with IAD on their first overseas agreement with Dash Hospitality. Döner is one of the fastest growing cuisines in the F&B sector and I know that the UAE will embrace one of the best Döner in the world.’ 

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