Jorvik Tricycles Pedals Its Way To Success With Brand New Six-Figure Showroom

Jorvik Tricycles has announced that it has invested £200k in a brand new experience-led showroom that is set to open in Wheldrake, York later this year. The new space will allow customers to test-ride a new tricycle in situ thanks to the state-of-the-art indoor track that will sit in pride of place in the centre of the showroom. 

Following the success of his first base at Yorvale Business Park in the heart of York, Jorvik Tricycles founder James Walker will launch a bespoke 6,000-square-foot showroom later this year. The new store, situated in Millfield Industrial Estate, is currently in the final stages of development and will feature a purpose-built indoor test riding track that mimics a real-life road – kitted with traffic lights and a gravel pit to give customers the full experience of riding a Jorvik tricycle in the comfort of the showroom. 

Alongside this, there will be fully furnished, comfortable spaces for staff to welcome customers and chat about their requirements,  and tea points for refreshments, as well as plenty of space to display the Jorvik Tricycles range on raised plinths dotted throughout the space. Additional seating areas and a mezzanine floor complete the plans, which will also house office space for the Jorvik team. 

Working in partnership with Ultimate Group, James has injected his personality and vision throughout the new showroom. He says: “Every decision has been made with the customer experience at the forefront. We believe our plans for the new showroom will make it unique in the UK – the indoor test facility allows customers to test ride all year round, no matter the weather, in a traffic-free and safe environment. ”

The business, which sells, delivers, and services 11 different models, has seen tricycles rise in popularity across a range of age groups since the pandemic.

James set up Jorvik Tricycles nine years ago following his father’s Parkinson’s diagnosis, which put the brakes on his personal independence. Desperate to help his father rediscover his freedom, James created a product that helped him discover a new, safe way of getting around.

James adds: “The new showroom is a really exciting project. I can’t wait to see the test track being used. The best thing about a Jorvik Tricycle is that the proof is in the pudding – as soon as people try out a tricycle, they realise what the hype is about.”

James also prides himself on the business’ bespoke service and aftercare. Working with trained staff, every customer leaves with a tricycle tailored to their preferences – from comfort and seat height to storage systems and safety kit.

For more information about Jorvik Tricycles please visit: 

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