Moore’s Furniture Group reflects on achievements ahead of 75 year anniversary

A proud Yorkshire company, Moores Furniture Group has been a strong regional employer throughout the generations. From its original base in Wetherby, the manufacturer first opened its doors in 1947, growing from humble beginnings to a multi-million-pound operation supplying high quality kitchens to national and regional housebuilders as well as leading DIY stores across the UK.

Recognised for its unrivalled employee support structure, there’s a reason why so many people choose to work and stay at Moores, cementing themselves as a part of the company’s inspiring legacy.

Last month, Moores welcomed back three previous directors for a nostalgic tour of the factory. A trip down memory lane, all former directors were impressed to learn that Moores is continuing to go from strength to strength over 20 years after their departure, and continues to do so, despite the economic challenges of the past 18 months.

Geoff Potts, Sales Director from 1973-2001, said: “I think I speak for all three of us when I say we are overwhelmed by the development work from an operations point of view as well as the range of products available to suit customer needs. The team spirit is exceptional. Walking through the factory and offices I can sense the pride the team has in everything they do. There is a real family feel to the business which is great to see in a large organisation.”

The visit was a fantastic way to reignite fond memories and reminisce about what makes the company so special.

Michael Barrett, current Sales Director at Moores, comments: “As we are approaching our 75th anniversary, it was a real pleasure to celebrate our heritage with three family members who proudly contributed to where we are today. It was wonderful to meet some of the people who helped forge the company’s success and propel it towards becoming a reputable, trusted and recognised manufacturer. We could really see where our values aligned and that all involved, both former and new, want only the best for this company and the team which is integral to its achievements.”

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