Moores Name Yorkshire Air Ambulance as its Charity of the Year

Leeds-based kitchen manufacturer, Moores, is supporting a cause close to its heart, choosing Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) as its charity of the year.

An independent charity dedicated to providing lifesaving, rapid response to people across the region, Yorkshire Air Ambulance operate two helicopters which come at a daily cost of over £19,000. To help protect this vital service, Moores has set up a committee which is dedicated to organising fundraising activities and rallying participation across the business to help raise as much money as possible.

Over the next 12 months, the committee has planned a variety of fundraising activities from recycling schemes which reinforce the manufacturer’s sustainability credentials, to internal competitions, athletic challenges and raffles.

The charity was selected in a vote which was open to all members of the Moores team. The strong local link struck a chord with many people, with some team members witnessing first-hand the importance of YAA.

Sarah Murray from the Moores Customer Care team recalls a personal experience, explained: “In September 2019 I was marshalling for the Wetherby 10K run. A man had collapsed and wasn’t breathing, so I called the emergency number and a few moments later a medic arrived with a defibrillator. An ambulance then arrived, but by this point, it was quicker and safer for the air ambulance to take him to hospital. Without the YAA and their professional team, the man could have died.”

Julie Wick, West Yorkshire Community Fundraiser at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance commented: “We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Moores for their upcoming contributions to the charity. We are really looking forward to working alongside them.”

Julie Holliday, Retail Channel and Marketing Director at Moores adds: “Charity partnerships form a big part of our internal marketing calendar each year. Yorkshire Air Ambulance was a clear favourite with our team, so we’re really looking forward to the year ahead. There is plenty of fun in the pipeline for everyone to enjoy, all while helping to raise funds for an essential local cause.”

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