Record year for Leeds-based luxury door manufacturer

An independent Leeds-based national luxury door and window manufacturer has seen another record year with turnover hitting around £31m.

Family-owned Express Bi-Folding Doors is now set to invest another £1.65m into its Leeds site, new Weybridge showroom in Surrey and digital infrastructure.

The success-driven investment follows a year which has seen their Leeds factory running 24/7 to keep up with increased demand in its products.

Regulars on national TV shows like Grand Designs and with a raft of celebrity clients choosing their products for their homes, Express Bi-Folding Doors now employs around 250 people nationally.

Steve Bromberg, Managing Director of Express Bi-Folding Doors, said: “This has been another strong year for the company and as we go through this period of growth, we are continuing to invest in our future.

“Our new Weybridge showroom represents an investment of around £400,000 with another £250,000 going into our Leeds production site which will see the installation of two cutting-edge CNC machines to streamline how it runs, reducing lead times.

“Around £1m over five years is being spent on our digital CRM system, too. That’s all alongside an expanded ecommerce side of our business meaning people will be able to get hold of our most popular products in around 5 days.

“We are a proudly independent family company with a national reach – manufacturing our high spec products right here in Leeds so we can constantly monitor the quality of our products.

“It’s a fairly rare thing to have an independent manufacturing operation of this size here in the UK, but hopefully our ongoing success will inspire other firms to bring theirs back here to help the economy continue to recover from the pandemic.”

Express Bi-Folding Doors design and produce a range of high-end products including panoramic sliding doors, bi-folding doors, skylights and bespoke glass solutions.

The company – whose headquarters, flagship showroom and manufacturing base is located near Elland Road – is still looking to hire and train new staff nationally to join them as the business continues to grow across the UK.

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