Two Year Anniversary is the Icing on the Cake for Veterinary Marketing Business

A Yorkshire business that specialises in providing marketing services to veterinary practices and industry suppliers, is celebrating a ‘purrfect’ two years in business after winning work in every corner of the UK, as well as further afield in the US and New Zealand. 

Practice Made Purrfect was founded in 2020 by respected veterinary marketing professional, Justin Phillips, after he spent a decade in senior marketing roles at both fast growing independent and corporate veterinary groups.

Working with an experienced team of 10 associates, the company’s services now span business consultancy, web design, branding, graphic design, print, PR, SEO, recruitment marketing, employer branding and team wellbeing. Practice Made Purrfect also manages the design, launch and growth of pet health plans, and has overseen the launch of numerous brand-new practices, including three in the past month alone.

From its base in Leeds, Practice Made Purrfect now works with clients throughout the UK and beyond, including practices in every corner of the UK as well as the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and the US.

Justin has presented at 20 events over the past two years, talking about a wide range of subjects including pet health plans, digital transformation, how to launch a new practice, vet practice websites and practice marketing. He also teaches the marketing module to veterinary students at The Royal Veterinary College (RVC).

Justin said: “The ethos of Practice Made Purrfect is about guiding veterinary practices towards freedom and profitability, instead of facing constant pressure, stress and burnout at a time when demand is off the scale, with many clinics oversubscribed by an influx of post pandemic pets.

“This gives practices the headroom to reinvent themselves and operate in more sustainable and healthier ways, both in terms of the business and the people within them. Often making small adjustments can reap exponential rewards, but it usually requires a fresh pair of eyes, otherwise most businesses continue doing whatever they’ve always done.”

Justin added: “The veterinary industry is evolving fast. Corporatisation has peaked and we’re seeing massive numbers of highly successful phoenix practices opening. These are often purpose-built practices with refined business models that are ideally placed to capitalise on the UK’s surge in pet ownership and subscription revenue through an array of digital tools.

“In the past two years, we’ve worked with a number of these practices to implement digital innovations, as well as helping lots of longstanding businesses to maximise their brands and reputations. No two clinics are ever the same and we always listen to a practice’s objectives, before identifying and executing the marketing tools that will get them where they want to be.

“Our ability to always make a difference to every practice, its people and its bottom line, has been key to our success and being guided by industry specialists, allows clinical and customer service teams to do what they do best, delivering an exceptional level of care for pets and their owners.”

Caroline Collins, a director at Pennard Vets, which has seven practices in Kent, said: “Practice Made Purrfect has been working with us for over a year now, helping us look at things in different ways, and refining many of our ideas to make them more effective. The team have a wide knowledge across all areas of business and marketing and genuinely listen to what you want to achieve, before working out the best way to get you there. We love having Practice Made Purrfect as part of our team and we would highly recommend their services.”

Finally, Justin said: “When I started Practice Made Purrfect, it was literally an overnight decision that was a decade in the making. I simply wanted to find a way to enjoy my job again, but it’s taken off in so many unexpected ways and we’re now inundated with requests from practices that want to work with us.

“The secret has been to surround myself with people who want me to succeed. The plan for the next two years is to continue having fun, learn from every experience and share our knowledge and passion with as many practices as possible, which will ultimately help to build a brighter future for veterinary professionals, patients and clients.”

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