University Centre Askham Bryan partnership with Flamingo Land opens career door for students

University Centre Askham Bryan Zoo Conservation graduate student, Sarah-Louise Russell, has become the first graduate to be awarded a new role in collaboration with Flamingo Land. The college has teamed with the Yorkshire-based theme park and zoo to create an annual career opportunity for exceptional students who graduate with a degree from the University Centre’s Zoo Conservation programme, The Askham Bryan Graduate Trainee position. The role is an 18-month paid position and firmly steps recent graduates on the career ladder.  The trainee opportunity is exclusive to the college’s degree-level students.

Ross Snipp, Company Executive, Flamingo Land says, “We are thrilled to be able to offer this exciting new position for recent graduates of University Centre Askham Bryan.  We have been working in partnership with Askham Bryan for nearly 15 years, providing thousands of students the opportunity to work closely with our zoo team and the animals here.  As a centre for conservation, education and research, we welcome the chance to have work-ready individuals specialising in animal care and science join us to ensure our collection receives the best upkeep and care.  We are confident that the skills and knowledge Sarah-Louise brings to the role will be a tremendous asset to the zoo.”

Sarah-Louise says, “The Graduate Trainee Keeper position will allow myself and future graduates the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience, working alongside a great team. This opportunity will be the next step for me to further progress my career and to become a knowledgeable and experienced zoo keeper.”

Rob Wilson Academic Lead, Curriculum and Students, University Centre Askham Bryan says, “Flamingo Land is a fantastic zoo with a collection that includes an impressive range of species.  We are so fortunate to have access to their facility and have our students train there as an extension to our wildlife and conservation park.  This new opportunity serves as a wonderful step into a career path for our students who are prepared to go from education to employability.  We are very grateful for our partnership with Flamingo Land and to be chosen as their preferred institution that can provide very able candidates for the trainee role.”

University Centre Askham Bryan is the higher education arm of Askham Bryan College and delivers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in land-based and specialist subjects. To learn more about their degree programmes, the next open event will be held on Saturday 9 October 2021. For more information, go to

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