Various modern ways businesses can benefit from technology

We are all fortunate to be alive in such a time like this. It is a period when technology continually proves to have answers to almost everything, including modern business solutions. Most companies today are utilising technology because of the benefits it has added to their operations. 

When setting up a business, technology is paramount to ensure a cheap start up aiding with communications and payments. Therefore, learning the benefits from technology will boost sales and productivity. Read on further to find out more. 

Increased productivity

Businesses can increase the productivity of their employees through the use of technology as against the use of manual processes. Many employees get overwhelmed with their to-do list because they have a lot to do within a limited time. Although we are yet to have the technology that slows down the time, we have several technological innovations that have made workflows faster and easier. Examples of this include Trello, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Business Security    

In recent times, businesses, especially online ones, are under constant threat. However, with technologies like closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), access controls, and alarm systems in place, you can protect your land-based business from any outside threats. CCTVs help in surveillance and help to capture the events going on within and around your organization. Consequently, when any suspicious events occur, the recordings can always be checked.

Cybersecutiy is an ongoing issue for companies operating online. For online businesses prone to being victims of cybercrimes like hacking and data breaches, technologies like firewalls and anti-virus software can be used. The advantages this brings is that it protects businesses from recording sudden financial loss and also secure the trust of customers.  

Online  Marketing and Sales 

You can imagine how stressful, ineffective and slow a one-on-one marketing strategy can be. Before the  internet, companies used (and still do) mass medium channels like radio, TV, billboards and magazines. However, more modern marketing platforms are now available for you at a much cheaper cost to market your products with more convenience. Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, allow you to reach a global market. Moreover, you can niche your audience with these channels, using influencer marketing to put your product in front of the right people. 

Remote Work 

Dubbed “the new-normal” accelerated because of Covid-19, remote working and mobile offices are now much more common. Technologies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and cloud-powered applications have revolutionised businesses’ remote operations.  Both the employers and employees only have to log in to the office cloud or meeting space and continue the work rom the comfort of their homes. Virtual Assistants (VAs) provide support to employees, which allows them to focus on more important tasks at hand. We have written an article in theyorkshirepress on how to utlise VAs, which will make your company more productive. 

The importance of an effective and responsive customer service system cannot be overemphasized. Customers will always need help with the product or services you offer, so providing support online is crucial to keeping them happy. Technology has brought better communications like chatbots, live chats and social media platforms to engage customers and provide answers to their questions much faster. 

Customer support is important across all industries. For example in banking Wise uses social media messaging to deal with any problems whilst comparison sites such as Asiabet use email services. For the latter, players are provided with an extensive FAQ section and have sound advice on the legality of gambling. Additionally, the platform checks for the best welcome bonuses and recommends safe operators, whilst advising on blacklisted sites.


The impact of technology has been immeasurable in the 21st century and for business owners. The above are just a few of the testimonies that can be given about how helpful technology has been in growing, stabilizing and running profitable businesses. 

So, if you intend to go into business, the benefits should convince you that your investment into technology is as important as your capital.If you are unsure on how to use technology to optimise your business, there are many experts at hand that can assist. For any issue, from SEO to social media management, you can use platforms such as UpWork and pay people by the hour. 

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