WATCH: Heartwarming Yorkshire ad pulls on the heartstrings this festive season

Europe’s leading ice manufacturer and ice supplier, The Ice Co, based in Yorkshire, has launched its 2021 Christmas advertising campaign, produced by local creatives. The two-minute advert is a heart-warming story of family togetherness, which celebrates the magical moments of Christmas.

The West Yorkshire based company takes viewers on a touching Christmas journey, through the eyes of the lead characters and real-life father and daughter, Brett, and Lana Rose Kershaw.

The advert’s soundtrack is performed by Hope & Social, a six-piece rock band based in Leeds. The track titled ‘Dust’ was initially released in 2012 on the band’s fourth studio album ‘All Our Dancing Days’. Hope & Social were chosen due to their eccentric sound which brings the on-screen emotion to life, as well showcasing one of the many exceptional bands Yorkshire has to offer. 

The advert was produced by talented Leeds-based videographer, Myles Fearnley, who was able to vividly bring the brand’s imaginative story to life. 

All of the factory scenes were shot at The Ice Co’s very own headquarters in Pontefract, and the other actors and actresses involved in the advert are employees at The Ice Co. 

Jessica Wilsdon, Marketing Executive at The Ice Co who wrote and directed the ad, explains the concept behind it: 

“After finishing work late, the father frantically rushes around the supermarket to collect the last few bits for his Christmas dinner, before returning home to spend his first ever Christmas on his own with his daughter. After arriving home, whilst his daughter sneaks off into the kitchen to make herself and her father a festive milkshake, the father holds a photograph of his late wife holding their daughter in what is a very emotional scene. His daughter then surprises him with the delicious Christmas treat, before they proceed to snuggle up under a blanket. 

“Through these shared moments, we see the not only the magic but difficulties of Christmas, which many other families across the world will have to experience and overcome together,” Jess added. 

“In preparation for The Ice Co’s 2021 Christmas advert, we really wanted to capture a moment that would pull on people’s heart strings! After a turbulent two years it was an opportunity to remind people that the most important element of the Christmas period is making magical memories and spending time with our loved ones. We hope you loved watching it as much as we loved creating it.”

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