Yorkshire brands donate to local baby bank to boost Christmas donations

Leeds-based marketing agency Brand Ambition has partnered with metallurgical services provider Keighley Laboratories, to encourage families to donate old toys this Christmas.

This follows findings that we buy 318 million new toys every year, with the average child expected to own a massive 190 toys by the age of five. And while there’s nothing wrong with treating little ones at Christmas, more than 8.5 million toys go to landfill each year in the UK. 

Instead of throwing away pre-loved toys in favour of new ones this Christmas, the campaign  looks to encourage parents to instead donate them to local baby banks and charities.

These donations will help impoverished families who are unable to afford to buy a Christmas present for their children, as a recent survey from anti-poverty charity Turn2us revealed one in five children may miss out on a gift this festive season due to money constraints. 

Over half (52%) of parents reported worrying about how they’d fund Christmas, while one in 10 reported being unable to afford heating or food over the festive period. 

Considering the massive quantity of toys that are being sent to landfill rather than being donated or recycled, Brand Ambition and Keighley Labs are hoping their new campaign will see local families give their old toys for a good cause this Christmas. 

As well as making a generous cash donation themselves to POPI and providing a selection of toys and sleepsuits (pictured below), the brand duo have also produced a thought-provoking video to help parents visualise this waste, featured on their blog. 

The video sees iconic retro toys – including a Rubik’s Cube and Hot Wheels car – put through Keighley Labs’ state-of-the-art tensile testing machine, which looks to emphasise the needless waste of sending such items to landfill, rather than a recycling centre or bank. 

Samantha Craven, Founder and General Manager at Popi Baby Bank. commented on the project, saying: “We are extremely grateful to Brand Ambition and Keighley Laboratories for their generous donations. As a baby bank it’s essential we provide brand new mattresses with each cot we give to families. 

“This money will enable us to buy approximately 10 new mattresses keeping many more babies and young children safe. The toys will mean local children have a wonderful Christmas who otherwise would have gone without. Having the support of these two businesses means the world to us.’

Debbie Mellor, Managing Director at Keighley Labs, also said: “We’re proud to be part of a fantastic local community. Working closely with local charities such as POPI will help us continue the trend of Keighley Laboratories working alongside local organisations to impact families in our area. When we heard about the number of families in need of support in our area we jumped at the chance to help.”

To see the full details of the brand partnership, please visit https://www.keighleylabs.co.uk/keighley-laboratories-donates-to-popi-baby-bank/ 

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