Yorkshire Cards and Gifts Retailer Invests in New Technology

Love Laya, a Yorkshire-based card and gift retailer, has invested a six-figure sum in new printing technology to allow them to meet the demand for personalised products.

The company has seen sales for personalised cards grow 300% over the last year. The new equipment will allow the personalisation of a wide range of products from mugs and pet bowls to cards, bar mats and Christmas sacks.

Commenting on the launch, Stacey Dennis, founder of Love Layla, said: “People have embraced the ability to personalise cards, and we’ve seen some hilarious jokes over the years. Our investment in the latest printing technology will mean that we can continue to grow this part of the business and give our customers even more choice in creating the card and gift for every occasion.”

Love Layla recently announced it had seen sales of stationery double in the last 12 months as more people worked from home. It is on track to see stationery sales top £1m in 2021, with notebooks, pens and personalised mugs proving best sellers. It expects personalisation to account for 25% of sales in the upcoming year.

Stacey Dennis, who runs Love Layla, started her business with £30 cash by printing her designs at home after being made redundant as a graphic designer – and now has a multi-million-pound business, a production warehouse, and a franchise in Australia.

Love Layla’s full range is available online at www.lovelayladesigns.co.uk

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