Yorkshire Manufacturing Firm Expands Range

Holmfirth-based, Aqualand Industries is launching a new four-seat pedal car that offers fun for all the family. The Adventurer has a rugged design and can be used on various surfaces, making it easy to operate in any leisure destination.

The pedal car platform is modular and will be easy to upgrade with a range of future accessories, from parasols to baskets.

Aqualand Industries designed the car in response to customer requests and adds to the company’s range of electric vehicles for all ages. The popular Crazi-bugz and Adventure Trukz are designed for children aged four to 14 years old and can be found at leisure destinations across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Commenting on the launch, Carl Byford, general manager of Aqualand Industries, said: “As we continue to evolve and expand our range, we wanted to create a vehicle that the whole family could enjoy together. The Adventurer is a great way for four people to explore an area in comfort while having a lot of fun!”

Each vehicle has a host of safety features to keep riders safe and can be hired out with minimum supervision to reduce staffing costs.

All Aqualand Industries products are manufactured in the UK and meet rigorous safety standards. The design follows a year of exhaustive testing and is patent pending.

Aqualand Industries works in partnership with leisure destinations to help them drive additional revenue. The company offers leasing, full purchase or a mixture of both to provide operators with the flexibility they need to introduce the range of products. It also provides maintenance and service to its customers for its products.

Carl concluded: “As leisure businesses of all sizes tackle the rising cost of business, it’s important that they explore new revenue streams. The Adventurer is designed to be low cost to operate and provides a 27/7 rental opportunity that the whole family can enjoy.”

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