Yorkshire Retailer Wins Prestigious Industry Award for Third Successive Year

Mattress Online’s rapid growth, innovation and outstanding technology has seen the company scoop one of the most prestigious trade awards for the third successive year.

The Rotherham-based company was awarded Online Bed Retailer of the Year by industry trade organisation the National Bed Federation.

The award is given to the company that demonstrates a solid contribution to the online bed and mattress sector, shows advances in innovation and technology, and goes above and beyond for the customer.

Stepping up to collect the award from host and comedian Jo Caulfield, Mattress Online Chief Executive Officer, Steve Adams, said; “It’s an honour to have once again been recognised within the industry and amongst our peers as the best at what we do.

“Despite the fast growth we’ve experienced, my team has risen to the challenge consistently going above and beyond. I’m incredibly proud of what we achieve as a team.”

The online retailer, one of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses, has seen turnover soar to £37.5m in the past year thanks to a sales surge during the pandemic.

Both turnover and profit have increased by more than 200% and staff numbers have swelled to more than 60.

Over the past year Mattress Online has also helped 40,000 customers reduce their carbon footprint and earlier this year, the company recycled its 100,000th mattress.

Over the next three years, Mattress Online plans to open seven physical stores. It currently has a traditional showroom store in Rotherham.

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