Back In your Childhood Bedroom? Here Are Five Ways To Transform Your Space

Recent statistics by ONS (Office for National Statistics) have revealed that 42% of 15-34-year-olds are living with their parents. For those looking for inspiration, Richard Petrie, interiors expert at Thomas Sanderson, shares 5 tips for transforming your space:

Remove childish colours 

Bright colours can often clash and make for a chaotic space. Swapping harsh pinks and purples for softer tones in the same palette to add light and maturity to the space. 

Choose bed linen wisely

You shouldn’t underestimate the effect of bed linen on both the appearance of your room and the quality of your sleep. We’d recommend using complementary shades of beige, a natural and unisex colour which adds warmth to the whole room. 

Keep it simple 

In the course of our childhood we often accumulate lots of clutter, so donating things you no longer need can be beneficial all round. A minimalist style will help clear the mind and provide a perfect distraction-free zone for working from home or relaxing. 

Reimagine furniture 

You don’t have to buy new furniture to give your room a makeover. Why not simply paint over that bright desk or give vintage furniture some love. Using industrial fixtures and fittings can also update a room and give it that urban and contemporary feel. 

Incorporate a feature wall

“Cloud” Wall Mural by John Wilman Interiors

Feature walls provide a great opportunity to experiment with different accessories and can add energy to a plain room.  We’d use a feature wall to display beloved memorabilia from back in the day or a contemporary print so subtle hints of your childhood can be seen without it overpowering the whole room. 

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