Fitting Blinds: Expert Tips from North Blinds

Tackling fitting blinds yourself? Here are some tips for the brave from Lucas Kadzior of North Blinds

Like many DIY jobs, fitting blinds might seem like it should be easy-peasy, but the truth is, it can actually be pretty tricky and might be better left to those of us who do it for their day job! But, if you’re determined to have a go, then here are a few pointers from Chris and myself to help you avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Measure, measure and measure again

It sounds obvious, but a common problem is where the original measurements were not precise, which naturally means the blinds won’t really fit properly. Unlike measuring for curtains where you can maybe just take them up a bit or bunch them a bit tighter, a blind made to particular dimensions simply won’t fit correctly if the measurements were even just slightly out.

There are several measurements you need to take of the window or space that the blind will be fitted into, including height, depth, width. You also need to consider where exactly the blind will be hung for optimum performance. For example, will it be hung close to the window, perhaps on the frame, or in front of the window aperture?

Double-check that your new blind definitely fits the measurements you’ve made before you begin fitting.

Read The Instructions thoroughly

Fitting blinds correctly requires several steps to ensure the blinds hang correctly, are level and cover the entire window. Blinds from any reputable manufacturer will carry fitting instructions, but they can sometimes be open to interpretation.

Read them from start to finish first before you start, rather than step by step as you tackle the job, as you really don’t want to be drilling holes in the wrong place because you’ve misinterpreted something!

Check you have the right tools

Even if your new blind is a lightweight material, don’t assume you can get away with a screwdriver to fit them securely to your wall or window frame. You will need an electric drill and the correct sized drill bits, screws, plugs and any other tools required as per the fitting instructions.

A spirit level or other accurate levelling tool is essential to ensure your blinds hang correctly and not at a dodgy angle! Don’t try to eyeball it, as you’ll likely get it wrong, and even a few millimetres can make your new window dressing look off-centre and unsightly. It will drive you mad!

It’s all gone terribly wrong!

Of course, if you’re reading this because you’ve already run into difficulties trying to fit blinds yourself, all is not lost. We may be able to help.

Working within a 20-mile radius of Skipton our service includes expert blind fitting at a date and time to suit you, including evenings and weekends. We’ve been working with the most popular blind manufacturers for years, so we’ve all the expertise and tools to help get you sorted!

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