How To Embrace The Maximalist Interiors Trend

Maximalism continues to be an in-demand living room trend of 2021. The more is more approach gives the freedom to be loud, chaotic, colourful and create a collision of styles. British designer and founder of Zoom That Room Benji Lewis, offers his tips below on how to achieve the popular Maximalist style in your own home.

Lewis explains:

“The foundations of this aesthetic are based on the principle of grand old country house interior design. However, maximalism isn’t contained to huge proportions and gives sufficient decorative wriggle room to adapt and include all sorts of elements, regardless of the size of a room. Be bold and think traditional floral wallpaper with a supersized photograph of Jimmy Hendrix playing live at Woodstock”  

Lewis offers his top tips to help achieve this vibrant trend at home:


It is important to have the bones on which to play with the maximalist trend. Build a room scheme with a very well-planned furniture layout which you can then add interest to.


Establish a lighting design to concentrate on artificial yet ambient lighting with a mix of table lamps, floor lights and wall lights. There is no reason not to be bold and include a pendant or two as well if you like. The more the merrier!


Consider the items you include with care so that what looks slightly chaotic is actually anything but. The key is to not fixate on everything matching; be prepared to clash a little at times, mix up your seating, blend antique French armchairs with a modern mirror glass cube table. You are not after ‘clutter and chaos’ but ‘confident curated chaos’ that to the naked eye could have just been a happy accident.


Mix colour, pattern and texture to build up layers of interest accordingly. There is no need to be shy – think floral chintz, woven geometrics, bullion fringe, a traditional table lamp alongside a contemporary floor light.


A key item in a maximalist interior is a drinks trolley to bring the illusion of entertaining in grandeur. The drinks trolley you include is up to you but why not go as retro and kitsch as you dare? 


There’s room for maximalism in any room, whether that be tongue & groove boarding in a downstairs WC or a bold set of prints alongside a washing machine. Even the most functional of items looks great next to a funky wall light! 

More examples of Benji Lewis’ creative and fun signature style can be found on his Instagram and Website.

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