6 Must-Have Interior Design Trends For 2021

From modern bathrooms, luxurious bedrooms and country-fresh kitchens, Brits are inherently house proud. This has only become more pronounced since UK residents have been confined to their homes for long periods of time, enjoying the space created and looking to update their past interior design choices.

With many people’s attitudes on life-changing during 2020, and many wishing they could get away this year, furnishing fabrics company, Prestigious Textiles asked their Head of Design, Marie Parry, to highlight the interior design trends for 2021.

Arts and Crafts

Hampstead Collection

The new Arts and Crafts trend embraces the iconic 19th century movement, born out of the industrial revolution. The movementaimed to reform how things were made and reverse the damaging effects of machine-dominated production, increasing the value of hand-made, decorative pieces.

Marie explains “The Arts and Crafts revival is a trend that’s gaining momentum recently. People are appreciating the value of handmade and decorative styles encapsulated within the trend.”

Intricate Jacobean embroidery and modern pintuck textures draw inspiration from the decorative nature of arts and crafts, as seen on the image above.

Distant Shores

Maui Collection

The laid-back lifestyle of Hawaii has been reimagined in this next trend. As we long for tropical getaways, interiors inspired by distant shores offer a calm and relaxing living space to make a home a safe and inviting place to recharge. Adding a contemporary edge to a classic floral design, the Distant Shores trend features tropical brights, subtle monotones and soft lemons.

“Tropical leaves and florals can be used to bring the outside indoors, with an introduction to greenery into homes. Easy-living digital prints are designed to work in any home with complementary colour palettes to emulate the varied Hawaiian landscape.”

Moody Minerals

Copper Falls

Embracing luxe fabrics and atmospheric colour palettes, the moody minerals trend is inspired by stunning natural forms. Add a hint of metallic into living spaces with fabrics that embrace the shimmering surfaces found in minerals.  The metallics are then complemented with large-scale marble-effect velvets, showcasing a stunning spectrum of colour and setting a tone of effortless sophistication in any interior.

“Drawing inspiration from natural forms, moody minerals are popular in the autumn and winter seasons. Combining this trend with subtle metallic highlights creates an opulent, yet easy living feel to any home.”

Global Influence

interior design trends for 2021
Tribe Collection

Inspired by earthy colour palettes and warm, natural textures, the Global Influence trend pairs perfectly with wooden, woven and rattan home accessories. It’s bold safari feel is influenced by wildlife and African plains.

“We’ve seen ‘Global Influence’ as a key trend for the season across both interiors and fashion. With warmer tones now often being favoured over cooler greys this is a key interior trend that can be easily translated into the home.”

Ocean Hues

Grosvenor Collection

Capturing relaxing poolsides and beach getaways, aqua and inky blues offer a calm, contemporary look. Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2020 reflects this shift towards tranquil, yet modern interiors with Classic Blue, a colour that is known for its association with peace, calm and comfort.

“Reflecting on the 2020 Pantone Colour of the Year, ocean blues are a key colour trend for the year. Varying from deep inky tones through to soft aquas, blue is the perfect colour for creating a tranquil home.”

Classic Traditionalism

interior design trends for 2021
Rococo Collection

A timeless trend taking inspiration from the 18th and 19th centuries, incorporating classic art, antiques and pieces with history. Classic traditionalism brings a sense of harmony and order to any living space, with a décor scheme that works together perfectly.

“It also favours symmetry, which can be seen in soft furnishings embracing ornate scrolls, courtly stripes and classic damasks. In a move on from bold, graphic geometrics, traditional and classic designs have developed into a key trend for the season.”

Digging deeper to discover future trends, Marie and her team have had to look further afield for design ideas, as inspirations from travelling have been limited over the course of 2020:

“The challenge and goal is to capture the aesthetic of global styles through unique and creative perspectives; We usually travel around the world to gain insight into the must-have trends for the season ahead, but this year we have had to think outside the box and gain inspiration from elsewhere.”

Marie further explains how the trends were developed:

“Taking influence from nature, nostalgia and the desire for a tropical getaway, living spaces will reflect the current situation we are faced with, embracing calming colour palettes and familiar patterns that create a sanctuary in any home.”

Nicola Brumfitt, Marketing Director at Prestigious Textiles adds:

“After looking through current trends and popular designs, we’re pleased to offer our predictions on go-to interior looks throughout the winter and into 2021.

“We hope to inspire people to be creative at home, and to create an idyllic place to escape to. Many people have to work from home for the forseeable, and we want them to be relaxed and content in their surroundings.”

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