On-Trend Kitchen Ideas For 2022 – An Expert Guide

By Drew Forsyth & Co.

If you are starting to turn your attention to home renovation plans in 2022 and are planning for a new kitchen or simply a redesign of your existing space, taking a look at the trends coming through can help provide inspiration.

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and the spot where everyone will gravitate to at parties, but now more than ever it is a multi-functional space that sits at the centre of family life. Open-plan kitchen living spaces have long been popular, particularly as a way of making small rooms look and feel much bigger, but since the start of the pandemic, this look has sky-rocketed in popularity. We are all spending more time at home, cooking meals from scratch and using the kitchen together as families for a whole host of different activities, so that the way this space is designed is changing too.

“We’re predicting a big rise in broken-plan living in 2022, as homeowners seek to create multi-functional spaces with added privacy,” explains George Forsyth, MD of Drew Forsyth & Co.

“A lot of projects now ask for an open-plan layout, perhaps merging the living room by knocking the adjacent wall down, and incorporating seating areas and large islands. And now we are seeing a definite shift from open-plan to broken-plan too. This is a likely result of working from home more and the completely open-plan layout now allowing for cosy or quiet areas.”

The good news is that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds, by being clever with the use of space and zoning areas to allow for a greater sense of privacy, while retaining the best elements of open-plan, including light, space and flow. Use freestanding shelving units or seating areas to act as a natural division between cooking and dining, make use of glass to create a partition without blocking sightlines and perhaps incorporate varying floor and ceiling heights to create a split-level layout.

It is also possible to use an island or peninsula as a multi-functional way to zone while creating extra storage and worktop space for work, rest and play, while if floor space allows including a dedicated seating area that can be used for mealtimes, as well as working from home and the kids’ homework is an ideal.

“As whole families spend more time at home, dining spaces will become the norm again. The living room will become an extension of the kitchen even more as designers look to create fluid living spaces where the whole family can interact in harmony,” Forsyth continues.

Storage is another key consideration in the post-pandemic kitchen. Unnecessary clutter, therefore, needs to be stored neatly away, to create a sense of harmony, even when family life gets hectic. From deep wide drawers and pull-out shelving replacing standard cupboard interiors to cleaning cupboards becoming pantries for tinned goods, open shelving for jars bottles and spices, the kitchen will be organised like never before.

And with small appliances such as mixing aids and coffee machines much more commonplace since before the pandemic, clever design features such as bi-folding breakfast cupboards keep these hidden yet easy to get to.

Colour trends are also worth noting before making any concrete kitchen redesign plans. Introducing colour into the kitchen is a sure-fire way of adding personality and character and taking a look at the shades that are trending will ensure the space is modern and on point.

Smokey blue colourways create a classic, calming kitchen, adding character without being too imposing. Blue’s soothing tones and general softness mirror nature’s finest natural assets – with oceanic hues and summer sky shades bringing a sense of tranquillity to the kitchen. 

However, green is staking a claim to the trendiest kitchen colour for 2022, with Instagram awash with nature-inspired green spaces. This is a shade that embodies renewal, rejuvenation, and energy, so it isn’t surprising that it is so popular.

As George Forsyth concludes: “Bold and brave colour schemes are winning out. With the shift towards maximalism in interior design, the kitchen is no exception. Although it has a way to go before it can be described as anti-minimalist, adding colour for a sense of drama is being embraced. If you’re still keen to play it safe, consider a two-tone effect, with a bold colour balanced out with a neutral shade to prevent the overwhelm.”

For more details on planning your dream kitchen, visit www.drewforsyth.co.uk to download a free Buyer’s Guide.

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