The Popularity of Outdoor Tiles – An Expert Guide

Kamila Chalfin, Marketing and Brand Manager at Tile Giant explores the many possibilities with outdoor tiles, and discusses how to create a stunning outdoor living space to enjoy this summer.

Over the course of the past year, gardens have become more important than ever, offering a place for homeowners to escape and recharge. With people staying at home more often, outdoor spaces have become a personal sanctuary of rest and relaxation away from the distractions of everyday life and a place for entertaining. Personal savings made during lockdown have been reinvested within the home, with an increasing numbers of home renovations being completed both indoors and out, especially in gardens ,with the use of premium outdoor tiles on the rise.  Of course, a number of these outdoor tiles can also be used indoors, including the increasingly popular stick on wall tiles which are the perfect way to liven up tired and worn interiors.

Porcelain tiles are a fantastic alternative to concrete, natural stone or timber decking. Hard wearing and practical, porcelain is a low maintenance option that can be used both indoors and out, with porcelain tiles now available in a wide range of imitation stone-effects. Different to their natural counterparts, porcelain stone-effects feature printed designs with many of the imperfections associated with stone and traditional paving slabs removed, offering a practical, hard wearing surface covering that looks just like natural stone or wood, but with all the practical benefits of porcelain. 

Available in a huge array of colours, designs and size formats, you can now bring classic travertine, contemporary wood or concrete-effects into your garden to create a bespoke space for the whole family to enjoy.

The Homes & Gardens collection from Tile Giant is the ideal outdoor floor covering, offering style in spades. The porcelain collection features an exclusive range of indoor and outdoor tiles to create stunning living spaces that wow from house to garden. The tiles have been designed to replicate natural materials like wood, stone and concrete, and feature a variety of textures, patterns and colours. Simple to install, the tiles can be laid onto grass or gravel to create a patio area.

Every piece within this trend-led collection is created with the same thickness, giving every project a perfect finish. The tiles will look their best all year round and won’t turn green as they are algae and moss resistant. Unlike traditional paving, the outdoor tiles won’t lose their colour, and are frost resistant so they won’t crack in winter temperatures. They have a good slip rating of up to R11, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. To clean, simply use a hard brush and soapy water.

Whatever type of home and outdoor space you have, there’s plenty to consider when planning a makeover. Whether you want to create a peaceful retreat or a functional entertaining area, with a bit of inspiration and design know-how, even the smallest space can be transformed.

Hallways, kitchens, conservatories and patios can be seamlessly brought together with porcelain tiles into one open plan living space, and offer a stunning option for those with patio or bifold doors. Create an interesting contrast by using the same collection in different colours indoors and outdoors. If you have a fixed patio area, think about staggering loose laid tiles next to it, gradually blending the tiles into the landscape.

Small and large gardens have endless possibilities when it comes to outdoor tiles. Opt for larger tiles in a smaller space as there are less grout lines and a bigger surface area, which gives the illusion of a larger expanse. If you have a large outdoor space to work with, treat your garden as an extension of your home. Think about defining the layout by sectioning off certain areas with various colours and formats to create interest. Introduce paths and patio areas to interlink each space by combining fixed tiles with loose laid patterns. Mix sizes and textures together with different installation techniques to create a diverse, structured place.

Axis replicates the beautiful look of natural stone in cream, grey and black. There is a slight variation with each tile, with subtle differences in texture and pattern to make the tiles look just like their natural counterpart. Available in a 600x600mm size (20mm thickness) for outdoor use and coordinating 9.5mm thickness format for indoor use. RRP £49.98 per sqm 

Dover brings the stone-effect style to life in a large, premium size of 750x750mm. Available in warm white and smoke in a 20mm outdoor format. Each tile is uniform in colour and shading, with minimal differences. RRP £49.98 per sqm

Flow celebrates a soft wood-effect style in warm shades of natural and smoke. The tone of each tile varies to achieve a blended shade to replicate the natural look of wood. Available in a 295x1200mm size (20mm thickness) for outdoor use and coordinating 194x1200mm (11.5mm thickness) for indoor use. RRP £54.99 per sqm 

Maroma replicates the natural look of travertine to create a warm and neutral feel indoors and out. The slight variation in texture and pattern keeps the effect authentic. Available in a in a 600x600mm size (20mm thickness), and large, premium 600x1200mm indoor format. RRP £59.99 per sqm 

All tiles in the Homes & Gardens collection are available in a co-ordinating indoor format to create seamless indoor / outdoor transitions.

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