Top Tile Trends of 2021 – An Expert Guide

Katy Black, Marketing Director at Verona discusses some of the key design trends taking interiors by storm in 2021. 

Structured décors 

Three dimensional surface patterns with strong lines and textures add depth and perspective to walls. Well-suited to creating a striking feature wall or splashback in the kitchen, or a zoned area in the bathroom, structured tiles in a modern neutral tone make an understated style statement, providing a visually intriguing backdrop without overwhelming the room. Combine with wood, other stone elements and rich, leafy foliage to transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary.

Patterned tiles 

Patterned tiles are branching out into less predictable areas of the home, from the hallway and living room, to the conservatory and more recently, even into the garden. Black, white and grey monochrome tiles featuring Victorian-inspired patterns remain in demand as they are easier to style and are particularly popular in large hallways and garden paths, but we’re seeing more bold colour choices being introduced too including nautical blues and greens and earthy reds, yellows and browns. 

Cool greys

Grey tiles have been on trend for the past few years, with grey the modern neutral that is here to stay. It’s influence mainly comes from the rise of Instagram home accounts showcasing the cool, modern look. Lighter shades are best suited to walls and darker tones for floors. Separate your bath, shower or wet room with a darker shade of grey, for a more unique look.  

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