Checking Out London’s Best Cheap Eats

London is known all over the world for its incredible fine-dining options, slick eateries, world-class restaurants and classy establishments. However, while going out for swanky meals is certainly enjoyable from time to time, for most people, it’s not always affordable to be out in the finest restaurants regularly. However, the good news is that there are plenty of affordable cheap eats in London worth checking out too. What’s more, many of these spots rival the high-end offerings when it comes to the punch of flavour that they are capable of delivering. 

Whether you’re low on cash and looking for a less expensive date night option, you’re heading out with a bunch of friends for a cheap night on the town or you are looking for a solid steak restaurant in London that won’t blow your budget, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. In a city as iconic and as expansive as London, it can often be difficult to find these little gems. However, with the right insider knowledge and an adventurous attitude, there’s no reason that you can’t eat out in London and still have plenty of change left in your pocket. 

Below, we take a look at some of London’s best cheap eats to inspire you to eat well for much less moving forward.

Tuck Into Some Pasta

Nothing hits the spot more than a helping of traditional Italian pasta.  Frequent visitors to the Broadway and Borough Markets will be very familiar with a great spot called La Tua Pasta that never fails to impress. Freshly cooked, handmade pasta made in the traditional Italian way is the main attraction here, and you have plenty of variations to choose from.

Filled pasta such as Ravioli, Tortelloni, and Gnocchi, among others, are available in small affordable portions paired with an interesting variety of sauces, including tomato, butter, and pesto, to name a few. If the choices seem overwhelming, they even offer Pasta Discovery Boxes to let you sample new flavours each time you visit. 

Tasty Tacos

Always present on any worthwhile list of inexpensive dining options are Tacos. These Mexican delights can be anything you need them to be from elaborate gourmet creations to simple, portable meals on the go. Del74 is the perfect blend of both form and function offering not only amazing Tacos but a full selection of Mexican-inspired creations that are inexpensive yet completely satisfying.

Their tagline is “Keep it simple, keep it real .”  Whether you like Tacos with chicken, pork, steak, fish, lamb, or vegetarian, Del74 at 129 Kingsland High Street is a solid choice for anything Taco. Now offering Saturday brunch for 29.95, including bottomless Margaritas in addition to their popular Taco Tuesdays and daily weeknight happy hour specials, there is no end to the reasons you need to check this place out.

Classic British Cafe Fare

For cheap, savoury, classic local dishes, the family-owned Kennington Lane Cafe offers delivery of their delicious breakfast and lunch menus, where you can find options like fish-n-chips, jacket potatoes, fresh homemade soups, and Kebabs, to name a few. This low-key spot offers limited dine-in, takeout, and delivery from their long-established location at 383 Kennington Lane and you can be sure that everything on the menu will give you that comforting warm belly hug feeling that you have been looking for.

Relish In Some Wraps

Wraps certainly fit the bill when seeking out cheap, flavorful, and quick solutions to the munchies that are more than capable of quickly consuming us all. Wraps may include any type of filling, really, from Greek to Indian or Middle Eastern, it all works to provide flexible options for you to nourish and satiate.

For tasty Indian wraps, check out Kati Roll Company in Soho. Classic Indian spice to-go or dine-in, this establishment has everything for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. A Kati roll mixes meat with vegetables, all wrapped into light Indian flatbreads that you can easily carry with you.  Secret, hand-ground spices combined with hormone-free, certified halal meat differentiates these tasty rolls from other wraps. With four locations, catering service, and online ordering, you simply can’t beat Kati for cheap street food eats with Indian flair in and around London.  

Classic Pie Options

Classic British pies offered with or without meat easily make the list of London’s best cheap eats and must be sampled at least once during your trip to London. Young Vegans at Camden Market offers customers many ways to sample their delicious pies via their catering service, festival stands, their online shop, and the pizza shop at 393 Cambridge Heath Road. Whether you want classic vegan British pies or pizza pies, check out Young Vegans and learn what everyone is raving about.  

Enjoy London’s Best Food Without Breaking The Bank 

If you’re living in London, visiting from elsewhere in the UK or flying in from overseas, sampling all of the local food is absolutely essential. The restaurants, cafes and other venues listed above are all well worth your time and with the prices on offer, you can check them all out, and more when you’re next in town without breaking the bank.

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