Brand New Domenica Italiana Sunday Menu Launching at Riva Blu Leeds

Riva Blu has announced its brand-new Domenica Italiana Sunday Menu, where guests can enjoy a taste of Southern Italy, Neapolitan style.

To celebrate the launch of the menu, Riva Blu Leeds is hosting ‘Festa delle Repubblica’ Italian celebrations at the restaurant this Sunday (2nd June), where guests will also be the first to try the brand new Domenica Italiana Sunday Menu from 1pm – 6pm. Join the culinary journey through hearty recipes lovingly passed down from Nonna through the generations, alongside the vibrant street food of Naples with a DJ set all day long – book a table here to enjoy the celebrations.

Embrace the true Italian culture of family gatherings on a Sunday and savour the richness of Italian flavours, where each contemporary dish carries a tale of authenticity and heritage. Dive into the mouthwatering and lively street food pleasures that capture the essence of Italy in every bite.

The menu has been specially curated for Sundays, boasting a variety of dishes to transport guests to the South of Italy. Guests can choose between 2 starters (Frittura Di Mare and Trio Di Bruschette Miste), 4 mains (Pasta Al Forno Alla Siciliana, Scialatielli Al Frutti Di Mare, Ragù Alla Napoletana and Calamari Ripieni) and an irresistibile selection of Piccola Pasticceria to make your Sunday truly special.

At Riva Blu restaurants, with four locations across the north in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, guests will be able to enjoy the best Southern Italian cuisine in elegant Neapolitan style.

For more information on the brand new menu, visit:

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