Catch Of The Day: Pro Chef, Rob Green, Explains How To Perfect Your Next Fish Dish

With miles of rugged coastline, it’s no surprise that the Yorkshire Coast is home to some of the finest seafood in the UK.

Road trip experience and itinerary planning platform Route YC – which inspires a new type of visit to the Yorkshire Coast – has teamed up with professional chef consultant, and seafood connoisseur, Rob Green, to find out how to source, cook and serve delicious sea food, caught just a stone’s throw away from his base in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

With six foodie-inspired routes ready to take on, including Bridlington YC – the lobster capital of Europe – a fresh catch is never too far away. And with ample places to sit, whip out the gas stove, and bask in the fresh sea breeze, you can enjoy a tasty fish dish on one of Yorkshire’s brilliant beaches, whenever, and wherever you like.

Before you find the perfect spot to cook your catch, Rob’s first and most important tip is to buy from the right place: “The key to ensuring that your seafood is fresh is to purchase it from a reputable source, such as a fish market or local specialty shop. Look for seafood that has been properly stored, displayed, and handled. Seafood that is firm, moist, and is bright in colour is likely to be the freshest, whereas seafood that has a strong odour won’t be as fresh. If you’re not sure how to choose the best seafood, ask your fishmonger for advice.

“So, you’ve bought your ingredients, it’s essential that the seafood is stored properly – in the refrigerator, over ice, or in a cool box if you’re planning on cooking it along one of the many beaches on Route YC or in your chalet. Make sure the fish it is covered and not touching other food.”

Rob emphasises that the secret to a tasty seafood serving is the prep work: “When preparing your dish, it’s important to rinse the seafood in cold water and pat it dry before cooking, also removing any shells, bones or skin as needed.”

The cooking method you choose will depend on the type of seafood you have, as Rob explains: “There’s nothing worse than slaving over the prep for your BBQ fish feast to find out its dry and overcooked. Match your catch with your cooking method!

“For delicate fish like flounder, tilapia or sole, consider steaming, poaching, sautéing, or baking – these are best cooked quickly overheat. For shellfish like shrimp or scallops, grilling or sautéing are the best options, and for denser fish like salmon and swordfish, these should be grilled or roasted too. And never overcook! Seafood cooks quickly, so it’s important to watch it closely – overcooked seafood will be tough and dry.

“As a general rule, cook fish for about 8-10 minutes per inch of thickness, or until the flesh is opaque and flakes easily with a fork.”

The final, and integral step is adding seasoning. “There’s no point in cooking perfectly, to then not season. Enhance the flavour of your seafood by adding herbs, spices, and aromatics. Lemon, garlic, and parsley are classic pairings that work well with most types of seafood.”

If you’re thinking of trying your hand at seafood cooking, check out these local fishmongers along Route YC:

Cod & Lobster, Scarborough

Cod & Lobster is an independent wet fish shop located on Scarborough West Pier, selling a variety of the best, premium quality fresh fish and shellfish. It’s a must-stop place!

Arnolds Fisheries, Bridlington

Purveyors of high-quality fish and seafood and seafood platters, specialising in crab, lobster & whelk. Selling only the freshest seafood, not to be missed.

To start planning your next foodie adventure on Route YC visit:

For recipes and more tips from Rob Green, visit:

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