Celebrate Father’s Day with Warrendale Wagyu’s New Pastrami Sandwich Kits

The UK’s leading manufacturer of beef, Warrendale Wagyu is excited to announce the launch of its new sandwich kits, perfect for Father’s Day celebrations. As part of a collaboration with Angus and Oink, the leading purveyor of premium spices and seasoning blends, the kit promises to bring a gourmet twist to sandwich making.

Featuring all the ingredients needed to create mouth watering Wagyu Pastrami sandwiches at home, The Pastrami Kit includes everything from the seasoning mix to the curing salts, for authentic flavour.

For those who want something a little more special for Father’s Day gifts this year, Warrendale Wagyu offers an exclusive bundle. For just £40, customers can purchase the Pastrami Kit along with a 500g Wagyu Tri-Tip.

Wayne Standley, Head of Technical & Meat Production at Warrendale Wagyu commented on the launch: “We are thrilled to offer these premium sandwich kits just in time for Father’s Day. With our Pastrami Kit, customers can enjoy the rich flavour and superior quality of Wagyu beef in the comfort of their own homes. It’s the perfect gift for any food enthusiast.

“The Pastrami Kit, developed in collaboration with Angus and Oink, includes detailed instructions and covers up to 5 kilos of meat, allowing for multiple uses – adventurous chefs can experiment with other cuts of steak as well.

“To showcase the versatility of the Pastrami Kit, Yorkshire-based chef Chris Harrison has created a special recipe: the New York Pastrami ‘Dirty’ Sandwich. Combining the rich flavour of Wagyu Pastrami with tangy gherkins, zesty mustard, and gooey melted cheese, all sandwiched between slices of toasted rye bread, the sandwich promises to bring dad a smile on his special day.”

Recipe: New York Pastrami ‘Dirty’ Sandwich


Rye bread, sliced


Wagyu Tri-Tip Pastrami


Melted cheese


Toast the rye bread (4 slices required).

Butter the toast.

Layer some mustard on the slices.

Add the sliced Wagyu Pastrami.

Top with melted cheese and sliced gherkins.

Repeat the layers as desired, recommending 4 layers.

Cut and enjoy!

For more information about the Warrendale Wagyu Sandwich Kits, including the Pastrami Kit and bundle offers, visit Warrendale Wagyu’s website.

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