Craft Distilleries Unveil Campaign to Champion Authenticity and Transparency in the Spirits Industry

Craft distilleries, the backbone of innovation and tradition in the spirits industry, have come together to launch the ‘#ActuallyMadeIn’ campaign, an initiative aimed at dispelling doubts surrounding the origins of artisanal spirits and advocating for transparency in production.

In an industry where authenticity is often questioned, the ‘#ActuallyMadeIn’ campaign stands as a beacon of integrity. Craft distilleries, frequently family-owned and operated, invest relentless effort in crafting some of the world’s most exceptional spirits. Yet, consumers frequently pose questions such as, “Do you actually make it?” or “Where is it actually made?” This campaign responds to these persistent queries, addressing the challenges craft distilleries face in verifying the authenticity of their production.

“At the heart of the ‘#ActuallyMadeIn’ campaign lies a celebration of craftsmanship and transparency,” says Karl Mason, Director at Masons of Yorkshire. “It’s not just a campaign; it’s a call to action. We’re proud to join Manchester Gin in encouraging support for the craft distilling community. We are #ActuallyMadeIn Yorkshire.”

The primary objective of the campaign is to elevate the presence of craft distilleries and their associated brands while supporting local businesses amidst the cost of living crisis. By urging consumers to consider the origins of their spirits and promoting craft distilleries in purchase decisions, the campaign seeks to spotlight the dedication of distilleries and their artisans.

Manchester Gin and its partners extend an invitation to distilleries across the UK and beyond to participate in the #ActuallyMadeIn campaign. Craft distilleries are encouraged to showcase their daily operations, share behind-the-scenes content, and narrate their unique stories. By utilising the hashtag #ActuallyMadeIn, distilleries can proudly declare their origins and contribute to the conversation.

“As proud members of the spirits industry, we stand united with Manchester Gin to champion transparency, craftsmanship, and the incredible individuals shaping the world of spirits,” adds Cathy Mason. “Let’s peel back the label and discover the heart of the spirits we love – because authenticity is not just a claim but a commitment. #ActuallyMadeIn”

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