Dakota Hotels Launch ‘Negronis of Dakota’ Menu in Partnership with Campari

Luxury hotel group Dakota Hotels are launching a limited-edition cocktail list in celebration of Negroni Week – featuring five bespoke Negronis inspired by the brand’s UK locations.

In partnership with Campari, the ‘Negronis of Dakota’ menu has been created by the Bar teams at each of the hotel’s luxurious locations – Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Eurocentral – and pays homage to the towns and cities the properties call home.

‘Negronis of Dakota’ includes ‘Prima’, created by the team at Dakota Eurocentral: blending Campari, peach liqueur and blossom water for a floral and fruity cocktail. The original Dakota Hotel, opened in 2006, Eurocentral’s ‘Prima’ translates to ‘first’ in Italian – raising a glass to where Dakota began.

Journeying to South Queensferry, Dakota Edinburgh’s negroni features Edinburgh Gin, Limoncello, vanilla syrup and is garnished with Campari dust. 

Named ‘Queen of the South’, the Edinburgh Bar team note the negroni “pairs well with the many fresh catch options available to us at South Queensferry.”

Dakota Glasgow created ‘Killing Thyme’ – the classic flavours of Campari paired with orange bitters, Tanqueray Seville, Lillet and Italicus – to form an approachable and fruity negroni. The name is inspired by Glaswegian band The Zebecks – fronted by Glasgow’s own Bar Supervisor – and their new single, ‘Killing Time’.

‘Nectar’, created by Dakota Manchester, pays homage to ‘where the bees buzz’ – celebrating the ‘worker bees’ of the city. 

Manchester’s negroni features Manchester Gin, Beesou, and a swirl of honey.

In Leeds, the team have created ‘Tequilicious’: the perfect combination of Campari, Chambord, Chinotto Nero Liqueur and Hacien Tequila. 

Hacien Tequila is a Leeds-based spirits brand and Dakota’s neighbour on Greek Street.

All five negronis have been designed to celebrate Negroni Week – a celebration of one of the world’s great cocktails and an effort to raise money for charitable causes around the world.

This year’s charity is Slow Food; a global movement of local communities and activists across more than 160 countries seeking to change the world through food and beverage.

The Negronis of Dakota cocktail menu is available in the Dakota Bar from 18th September for a month.

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