Duo Launch Yorkshire Spirit Brand Inspired by Brontë Heritage

A new Yorkshire spirits brand inspired by the world-famous literature of the Brontë sisters has launched this month.

Brontë Drinks is a range of small batch spirits crafted to produce a vibrant, crisp, individual taste within a collection of gin, rum and vodkas.

Created by West Yorkshire entrepreneurs Nigel Pickles and Andy Walker as a “pandemic passion project”, the duo purchased The Brontë Liqueur Company from its Harrogate founder, Sir James Aykroyd, and using the liqueur’s base recipe of blackberry, sloes, honey and jasmine, began experimenting with new flavour combinations in a range of spirits.

Haworth-based Nigel Pickles said: “We do have a passion for and appreciation of a good spirit and when the opportunity came along to purchase the heritage-based Brontë liqueur brand and stock, we saw an opportunity to use it as a base for developing a wider range of alcoholic drinks.

“We’ve been working with our Yorkshire distiller and experimenting with flavours including citrus, heathers and rich botanicals to create a rich, smooth and dry gin, alongside a vanilla and nutmeg infused rum and a wild berry-based vodka. Each batch is enhanced by Haworth’s own spring water.”

He added: “Authenticity is key to our range and that transfers right through to our product names which, we feel are a great reflection of Yorkshire dialect and our humour! Once we cracked the name of our “Where’s Tha Bin gin,” there was no stopping us!”

Brontë Drinks’ “Where’s Tha Bin” gin sits alongside “Ey Up Cocker” vodka and “Ee Bah Gum” rum and are being sold into local pubs, bars, specialist retailers and direct to customers online. With a planned roll out into major multiples in 2023, the duo is already working on an additional range of after dinner chocolates and locally made fudge, also based on the original Brontë Liqueur recipe.

Co-director Andy added: “While we know there are many spirits adorning the retail aisles and online markets, we feel there is a gap for a range of spirits which celebrate the landscape and the culture of Haworth where the very essence of its rugged beauty and native ingredients filter through into a very pure, premium quality product. 

“While Brontë Drinks offers a new range of spirits to the craft drink scene, we hope the quality, the heritage and the directness of our approach will be just the tonic for gin, vodka and rum drinkers across the region and beyond.”

For more details on the brand and the range on offer visit http://brontedrinks.co.uk/

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