Flat Iron Prepares to Unveil Two-Floor, 110-Cover Restaurant in the Heart of Leeds

Flat Iron is all set to launch a two-storey restaurant with seating for 110 diners in the vibrant heart of Leeds, marking its inaugural foray into the North of England. Situated at the corner of Albion Place and Lands Lane, within the premises of the former Church Institute, Flat Iron will be conveniently nestled alongside the Leeds Trinity shopping centre.

Flat Iron is renowned for consistently delivering top-notch quality and affordability, ensuring that delectable steaks are accessible to all. The star of their menu is the signature Flat Iron Steak, carefully seam-butchered from the shoulder, resulting in a tender, juicy, and flavourful culinary experience. Additionally, their menu boasts an enticing array of side dishes, including truffled macaroni cheese, crispy bone marrow garlic mash, and homemade beef dripping chips.

IMAGE: Credit: Sam Harris

Notably, the Flat Iron team has had longstanding ties with the North, spanning over a decade. They maintain their very own cattle herd, meticulously raised under the watchful gaze of third-generation beef farmer, Charles Ashbridge. Nestled amidst the picturesque hills above Sutton Bank in Thirsk, the Flat Iron herd thrives on lush pastures, homemade hay, rolled barley, molasses, and nuts. This exceptional beef takes center stage in their iconic Bearnaise Cheeseburger.

Leeds patrons will also have the pleasure of choosing from a diverse drinks menu, featuring a thoughtfully curated selection of wines, cocktails, and local draught beers. Notably, the team proudly offers their very own Flat Iron Malbec, expertly crafted from grapes cultivated in the Limoux region of the Languedoc in southern France.

Fred Smith, Flat Iron’s Head of Beef, expressed his excitement about the upcoming opening, stating, “Yorkshire is the ancestral home of our Flat Iron herd, making it a natural choice to open a Flat Iron restaurant in Leeds with our own beef just a stone’s throw away. We eagerly anticipate introducing the North to our exceptional steaks and welcoming new patrons to the ever-growing Flat Iron family.”

Flat Iron will open in Leeds at the end of November.

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