German Doner Kebab Launches Doner Fest in Scarborough with Half Price Kebabs

German Doner Kebab (GDK) is set to launch Doner Fest in Scarborough, offering delicious gourmet meal options to honour the artistry behind the doner kebab.  

During Doner Fest, the premium kebab restaurant at 80 Newborough, Scarborough, YO11 1ET, will be offering up a feast, with all its mains and doner boxes at a 50% discount. 

The restaurant will also host live music from a ‘Doner DJ’ setting a party mood with classic hits to celebrate the iconic kebab.   

Doner Fest will run all day between 9-10th of November at GDK Scarborough for all dine-in and takeaway orders.

GDK is revolutionising the kebab in the UK, bringing a fresh, high-quality taste sensation that has made it the go-to place to enjoy a kebab. 

Freshly prepared in front of customers, the game-changing kebabs combine premium, lean meats imported from Germany and fresh, locally sourced vegetables, served in our world-famous toasted waffle bread with unique signature sauces. 

The brand now has over 130 restaurants in the UK alone, as it continues to bring the GDK experience to more locations across the country.  

Simon Wallis, GDK CEO, said: “We are delighted to bring the Doner Fest to Scarborough and celebrate the incredible history of a kebab which has become a worldwide phenomenon. 

“During the festive event customers will be able to enjoy our signature kebabs for half price, providing an affordable opportunity for anyone to join the doner festivity and try our game-changing kebabs. 

“GDK has been revolutionising the kebab across the country, offering great tasting food in a relaxed modern setting and we are looking forward to welcoming the people of Scarborough to our upcoming Doner Fest.”  

For more details about GDK, please visit the website

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