Hebden Bridge’s Vocation Brewery Redefines the Craft Beer Landscape with a New Brand Refresh

UK-based Vocation Brewery, which is known for its range of bold and flavourful craft beers, has unveiled a brand refresh that signals a major step in the next phase of its future growth.

Brewing a breadth of beers, including exemplary IPAs, pale ales, stouts, and barrel aged beers, Vocation Brewery crafts distinctive beers with interesting aromas and flavours that invite conversation.

Vocation Brewery was founded in 2015 by John Hickling, who left his job to follow his calling and brew the big, flavourful beers that he loves. From its humble beginnings in an old chicken shed high up on a hill, 1000 feet above sea level, Vocation Brewery has grown strongly and now brews over 10 million pints a year which are sold nationally in the UK and throughout the world.

Its range of popular brews include its original Classic IPA ‘Life & Death,’ the Everyday Hazy Pale Ale ‘Crush Hour’ and Gluten Free Session IPA ‘Heart & Soul,’ as well its modern take on a British classic ‘Bread & Butter’. The new visual identity and packaging system brings to life the personality and style of creative illustrations that celebrate the process of crafting bold and beautiful beer.

Vocation Brewery’s brand refresh aims to increase on-shelf standout whilst building a distinctive, recognisable brand which is accessible to a wide range of consumers who are seeking something new and exciting. The new look is underpinned by the brewery’s belief that great tasting, quality beer should be for the many and for every occasion.

Vocation Brewery has reintroduced its eye icon which pays homage to the brand’s heritage and looks to the future. The eye is prominent on the packaging to make it stand out on shelf in supermarkets and in bars, symbolising Vocation Brewery’s focus on crafting beers of substance.

Created by Turner Duckworth in partnership with illustrator Brian Steely, the new visual identity and packaging makes use of a bold and vibrant colour palette and illustrations to aid visual appeal and showcase the personality of each beer, whilst also establishing a clear and consistent brand identity that stands out from the crowd.

Tom Holmes, Head of Marketing at Vocation commented: “In today’s competitive landscape, standing out on-shelf and in bar is key, and our new creative direction boldly and distinctively positions Vocation Brewery’s desire to brewbold and flavourful beer for the many.

“Our brand refresh marks the start of an exciting new chapter for our business; it reflects our bold and flavourful beers and how we are continuing to push the boundaries to redefine the craft beer landscape. We’ve invested in the brewery to brew flexibly at scale, and it’s an exciting time for the business as we position ourselves for our next phase of growth, backed by an experienced team and a fresh new look that will stand out on shelf and is worthy of the bold and beautiful beer inside.”

Vocation Brewery’s rebrand is the latest phase in the business’s plans to lead the next phase of growth and development in craft beer in the UK under the leadership of beer industry veteran Gail Lumsden as Chair and CEO and experienced senior team with strong beer and drinks credentials.

Vocation’s new branding is set to roll out in May in major retailers and bars across the UK.

For further information, please visit www.vocationbrewery.co.uk

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