Jacked Wine ‘Breaks The Rules’ For Millennials

A new brand that aims to disrupt the rules of wine and introduce Millennials to something fresh and exciting, has been launched in Tesco stores nationwide.

Jacked is a new option for anyone who finds the process of buying wine intimidating, confusing or boring in general. It encompasses natural fruity flavours that consumers might commonly associate with fruit ciders, spirits or flavoured beers.

Available in two varieties; Sauvignon Blanc with Ginger and Rosé with LycheeJacked is bottled in 50cl formats. Research suggests many people are put off their purchase by the need to buy a full-sized 75cl bottle of wine. 

The design of the bottle and labeling has been created with Millennials in mind to hijack the traditional wine market and give it a real stand out appeal in store. Each bottle has been created with a tear away label that can be peeled back to reveal a beautiful artistic motif.

Preety Johl, senior customer marketing manager at Jacked, said:

“With the prominent rise of flavoured ciders, gins and other alcoholic beverages in recent years, the wine sector has had to work hard to come up with new ways to address the changing demands of taste and price, while ensuring quality is maintained. Jacked provides young consumers with the opportunity to mix it up a bit and try something different – similar to the recent resurgence of the ‘gin-revolution’.

“Figures show that purchases of flavoured wine have increased by 6.5 per cent over the past 12 months alone, and with more than a third of flavoured wine buyers being under the age of 45, this is only going to grow in the coming years.

“Our new Jacked brand is dynamic and adventurous and provides something different to the traditional wine convention – it’s all about the flavours – and we encourage consumers to drink this in any way they want to.”

Jacked Wine

Jacked has been created based on premium quality Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé from Chile by Concha y Toro, the wine producer which has developed household favourites ‘Casillero del Diablo’ and ‘Isla Negra’.

At 12.5% alcohol, it is different to many of the existing fruit flavoured wines already on the UK high street, delivering unique natural tastes that do not lack flavour and incorporate the body of traditional table wines.

Preety adds:

“We don’t want consumers to feel constricted by the existing stigmas associated with fine wine. We want Jacked drinkers to be able to enjoy theirwine in a highball glass with a garnish, over ice, or in a tumbler – there are no set rules. It’s all about individualism.”

Jacked is now available to purchase from 498 Tesco stores nationwide and can be found in the wine aisle.

For more information about Jacked, visit www.jackedwines.co.uk or its Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/jackedwine/.

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