Knoops Brings Customisable Chocolate Heaven to Leeds

Leeds is set to welcome a new addition to its vibrant food and drink scene with the opening of Knoops, the innovative chocolate drinks brand, at the entrance of the Trinity Centre on 14th June. Located at 26-28 Albion Street, Knoops is renowned for its unique and completely customisable chocolate percentage menu, promising a new level of indulgence for shoppers and chocolate enthusiasts alike.

Founded by Jens Knoop, Knoops has redefined the art of chocolate drinking through ‘Knoopology’—the meticulous craft of creating the perfect chocolate beverage. The Leeds store will offer a menu featuring over 20 different chocolate percentages, ranging from 28% White to 100% Extra Dark, alongside a selection of nine dairy and plant-based milks and more than 20 tempting extras such as sea salt, orange zest, chilli, and cinnamon.

Whether you fancy a refreshing iced chocolate, a rich and creamy milkshake, or a velvety hot chocolate, Knoops has something to satisfy every taste and mood. Customersvcan even top off their drinks with a handmade Knoops marshmallow for an extra touch of luxury.

CEO William Gordon-Harris expressed his excitement about the Leeds opening: “We’re thrilled to join the renowned food and drink scene in Leeds. In a city celebrated for its heritage and culture, we look forward to welcoming residents, shoppers, and students to discover their perfect chocolate drink.”

Jens Knoop, the visionary behind the brand, added: “Expanding our presence in the north of England is incredibly exciting. Following our successful openings in Manchester and Chester last year, we are eager to serve both new and existing customers their daily treat in a cup.”

The opening in Leeds is part of Knoops’ ambitious expansion strategy, which has recently seen new locations in Edinburgh, Nottingham, Chester, Guildford, Bath, and Notting Hill, London. The brand’s footprint also spans across central London, Manchester, Cambridge, Oxford, Rye, and Brighton.

With its distinctive approach to chocolate drinks and a commitment to quality and customisation, Knoops is set to become a favourite destination for chocolate lovers in Leeds. Don’t miss the grand opening on 14th June at the Trinity Centre—your perfect chocolate drink awaits!

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