Leeds Restaurant Launches Campaign to Convert Yorkshire Carnivores to Flexitarianism

Prashad leeds owners

Prashad, an acclaimed Indian restaurant based in Leeds, is embarking on a unique culinary initiative to convert dedicated meat eaters into flexitarians. Renowned for their award-winning vegetarian Indian cuisine, Prashad is challenging Yorkshire’s carnivores to experience the delights of their menu with a tempting offer: a free meal for two.

With Yorkshire boasting one of the lowest percentages of vegetarians and vegans in the UK, Prashad aims to shift the culinary landscape by introducing carnivores to the flavours and possibilities of vegetarian dining. As a testament to their confidence in their cuisine, Prashad invites five staunch carnivores to participate in their ‘Convert a Carnivore’ movement.

Established over 30 years ago, Prashad has become a Yorkshire institution, gaining recognition as runners-up on Gordon Ramsay’s quest for the UK’s best restaurant. The restaurant has since earned numerous accolades, including the Restaurant of the Year award at the 2023 Oliver Awards. Their culinary prowess has also been showcased on various television programs, such as BBC’s Hairy Bikers Go Local and Tom Kerridge’s Hidden Hospitality.

Bobby Patel, co-owner of Prashad alongside his wife and Head Chef Minal Patel, expressed their enthusiasm for introducing diverse palates to vegetarian Indian cuisine. Bobby stated, “We’re inviting five committed carnivores to bring someone along and enjoy a meal for two on us, to see if we can change their mind about vegetarian food.”

According to a recent survey, Yorkshire ranks second from the bottom in terms of its population identifying as vegan or vegetarian, highlighting the need for culinary exploration and diversity in the region. Prashad is eager to address this gap by inviting nominations for carnivores willing to embark on a gastronomic journey towards flexitarianism.

Minal Patel, whose culinary expertise has earned her prestigious awards and celebrity acclaim, is passionate about showcasing the depth and richness of vegetarian cuisine. Minal emphasized, “Vegetarian food is at the heart of Prashad, so our dishes never feel like they’re missing something.”

Prashad encourages individuals to nominate themselves or others by visiting their Instagram or Facebook page. The deadline for nominations is midnight on Sunday, 12th May 2024. Through this initiative, Prashad aims to challenge perceptions and inspire a newfound appreciation for vegetarian dining among Yorkshire’s carnivorous community.

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