Masons of Yorkshire Set to Double Vodka Sales in 2023

Bedale-based producer Masons of Yorkshire saw vodka revenue rise by 100% year on year, driven by its latest Vodka expression, Espresso.

‘Yorkshire’s first Distillery’ is proud to announce that its Espresso Vodka has been its most successful vodka launch yet, and is now accounting for 50% of its vodka sales.  

Initially launched exclusively to the on-trade in September 2021 as part of a trio including Original Vodka and Citrus Vodka, the Espresso version has seen particular growth with Ocado and has proven to be a versatile cocktail ingredient within the on-trade. An extra slow distillation for smoothness, crafted with coffee beans from El Salvador, which are supplied by Yorkshire Roaster Rounton Coffee has proven a hit with at-home cocktail enthusiasts too. 

Masons Espresso Vodka was created to tap into the popularity of Espresso Martini cocktails, but is also a great ingredients for twisted Negronis, and in-house mixologists have created a Salted Caramel Martini, After Eight Martini, Black Forest Martini to tap into after-dinner, glamorous drinking.

2023 sees the multi-award winning Masons of Yorkshire celebrate a decade in the business, and the foray into vodka is looking to be a permanent area of development and success for the company which has traditionally been known for making quality gin. 

Karl Mason, Co-Founder of Masons of Yorkshire says, 

“Despite challenges we continue to experience growth, and the vodka market is a particularly successful area for us as at-home cocktail enthusiasts experiment more and more with quality ingredients and demand exceptional flavours. Supermarkets are investing in local brands. The versatility of vodka has meant that we are seeing less seasonale purchasing here: this is a liquid for all year round. This Christmas is looking to be dominated by vodka as more and more people want to try new things and create twists on classic cocktails. And for a simple serve, we’ve been enjoying the vodka with a simple hazelnut or caramel syrup over ice after dinner, this allows the quality to shine through and will leave your dinner guests asking for more. It is cocktail creativity made simple.”

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