New Theakston Quencher Satisfies Thirsts for Lower Alcohol Option with New Cask Ale

Family run brewery, T&R Theakston is launching a new beer to meet the rising demand for lower ABV beers that still deliver the great characteristics of a classic cask ale to consumers.

A 3.4% ABV hop forward cask ale, Theakston Quencher is made from the finest Pearl Barley, English grown Sovereign and Eldorado hops. This combination creates a deceptively full-bodied cask ale with a refreshing floral and fruit hop character.

Quencher has been developed by the business’s head brewer, Mark Slater, to meet rising demand from consumers for a lower alcohol cask ale, which retains the complexity of character found in stronger beers such as Theakston’s iconic Old Peculier.

Simon Theakston, joint managing director at Theakston Brewery, said: “This new cask ale is a testament to our commitment to creating beer which meets the demands of our consumers and pub and bar licensees.

“In line with changes to alcohol duty, we made the decision not to change the strength of any of our cask beers but rather to create a new lower alcohol option which doesn’t compromise on taste.

“Theakston Quencher is a new classic cask ale, the result of combining high-quality raw ingredients with our nearly two hundred years of brewing expertise. We’ve had great feedback on the beer so far and look forward to more people experiencing it over summer and beyond.”

The beer is the latest new product from the Masham-based brewery which in 2021 launched Summit, a cold serve 4.2% ABV Pale Ale now stocked in 100 pubs across the north with approximately 60k pints sold every month.

To stock Theakston Quencher on your bar, please contact your regular Theakston beer supplier or email

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