North Brewing Named ‘Brewery of the Year 2023’

North Brewing, a renowned name in the craft brewing industry, has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Brewery of the Year 2023’ by Brewers Journal. The remarkable achievement was unveiled at the Brewers Congress on November 18th, where co-founders John Gyngell and Christian Townsley were present to celebrate their continued dedication to excellence in brewing. In a night filled with surprises, the duo was also honoured with the title of “Global Ambassadors,” recognising their exceptional contributions to the global brewing community.

The awards ceremony brought together the most prominent figures in the brewing world to celebrate the best in the industry. Not only did North Brewing win ‘Brewery of the Year’ but they were also shortlisted for ‘Brewer of the Year’. The co-founders and team were excited to be in the running for both these categories, however, it was the surprise award of ‘Global Ambassadors’ that truly stunned the entire North Brewing family, showcasing their exceptional impact on the craft beer industry.

As Christian Townsley, Co-founder of North Brewing, expressed, “We are truly humbled by these awards and the recognition of our contributions to the craft brewing community. From day one, when we opened North Bar 26 years ago, our mission was to create exceptional beer and share it with the world. This award reaffirms our dedication to quality and innovation, and it’s a testament to the hard work and passion of our entire team.”

John Gyngell and Christian Townsley, who co-founded North Brewing, have been driving forces in the craft brewing scene for years. Opening the first craft beer bar in the UK which quickly gained a reputation for great music and brilliant service, it became a launchpad for what are now household names in beer, such as Brooklyn, Sierra Nevada, and Goose Island. Their vision and commitment to creating exceptional brews have earned them a reputation as influential figures in the industry. This ‘Global Ambassadors’ award acknowledges their tireless efforts to promote craft beer culture on an international scale over the last 26 years, cementing their place as pioneers in the field. 

Seb Brink, the head brewer at North Brewing, was also recognised as one of the top contenders for ‘Brewer of the Year.’ His dedication to brewing excellence has been a key factor in North Brewing’s success and their continuous pursuit of perfection in every brew.

North Brewing’s track record of excellence extends beyond this year’s awards. In 2022, they secured the ‘Best New Beer’ title for their innovative brew, as well as the esteemed title of ‘Best Brewing Pub Company.’ Their consistent commitment to producing high-quality beer and their dynamic approach to craft brewing has firmly established North Brewing as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

The recognition doesn’t stop here for North Brewing. They have also been shortlisted for ‘Pub Business of the Year 2023’ at the Peach 20/20 Hero and Icon awards, scheduled to be announced on November 14th. This nomination reflects their remarkable achievements in the brewing pub sector and their unwavering dedication to delivering great experiences to their patrons.

North Brewing’s success at the Brewers Journal awards is a testament to their commitment to quality, innovation, and their enduring impact on the global brewing community. Their dedication to their craft has not only resulted in exceptional beer but also in the development of a passionate and dedicated community of beer enthusiasts worldwide.

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