North Brewing’s Award-Winning Beer Advent Calendars Return

North Brewing have announced the return of their highly acclaimed Christmas Beer Advent Calendars for 2023. Following their win of the prestigious ‘Best Beer Advent Calendar’ award last year, as voted for by The Independent, North Brewing has upped the ante for this year, introducing an exciting twist. Hidden within three of their calendars are golden tickets that could lead to an entire year’s worth of free beer, courtesy of North Brewing’s Silver Beer Club subscription.

Key highlights of the 2023 North Brewing Christmas Beer Advent Calendars include:

24 Doors of Fresh Beers and Merchandise: Each advent calendar is a journey through the world of craft beer, featuring 24 doors that reveal 23 carefully selected fresh beers and an exclusive piece of North Brewing merchandise. It’s a month-long celebration of flavour, perfect for beer enthusiasts.

Fresh from the Brewery: All the beers in the advent calendars are sourced directly from North Brewing’s brewery, ensuring the highest quality and the freshest taste. Customers can count on the exceptional quality and expertise of North Brewing in every sip.

A Mix of Specials and Core Range: Inside the advent calendars, customers will discover a blend of North Brewing’s signature core range beers and some delightful special brews. It’s a unique opportunity to explore the rich diversity of North Brewing’s offerings.

Golden Ticket Surprise: The real excitement in this year’s advent calendars lies in the hidden golden tickets. Three lucky finders of these golden tickets will win a year’s subscription to North’s Silver Beer Club. Yes, ‘a year’s worth of free beer’ is now within their reach!

North Brewing is committed to making this Christmas season unforgettable for their valued customers. With the chance to win a year’s subscription to North’s Silver Beer Club, the joy of discovery in each door, and the camaraderie of sharing great beer, these advent calendars are the perfect gift for friends and family.

Advent Calendars are available for pre-order now on North Brewing’s webshop at

Get yours today and join in celebrating the most wonderful time of the year with great beer and the chance to win ‘a year’s worth of free beer.’

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