Papa John’s Introduces Edible Garlic Butter Candle

Today, 19th April, marks National Garlic Day, a celebration cherished by garlic aficionados worldwide. In homage to this flavourful occasion, Papa John’s has unveiled an innovative creation: the limited-edition Garlic Butter Candle.

Crafted with Papa John’s signature Special Garlic Dip, this edible candle promises to elevate the dining experience to new heights. Available exclusively online, a select number of these candles are set to debut ahead of National Garlic Day.

Renowned for its delicious garlic dip, Papa John’s recognises the insatiable craving many hold for its savoury offering. With the Garlic Butter Candle, enthusiasts can indulge in a sensory journey as the candle transforms into a creamy, mouth-watering dip, perfectly complementing freshly baked pizza slices or piping-hot sides.

Drawing inspiration from the burgeoning butter candle trend, this unique creation infuses Papa John’s distinct Special Garlic Sauce, delivering a harmonious fusion of flavour and fragrance. Encased in packaging reminiscent of the beloved dip pots, each candle arrives with a convenient peel-back seal, ready to ignite and enjoy.

As supplies are limited, garlic enthusiasts are encouraged to act swiftly to secure their Papa John’s Garlic Butter Candle. For further details, interested individuals can visit and embrace the essence of garlic in a whole new light.

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