Delectable Dim Sum & Delightful Duck Pancakes: My Experience at Tattu Leeds

Last week, I dined at Tattu in Leeds for the first time. The influencer favourite has been on my list of Leeds restaurants to try for a while, as it’s a dining spot which appears frequently on my Instagram feed. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and Tattu’s Lunar New Year celebrations in full swing, it was the perfect time to experience the delights and charms of this highly-rated dining destination.

Of course, I expected to be wowed by the decor at Tattu Leeds. The contemporary Chinese restaurant is well-known for its breathtaking interiors, cherry blossom trees and seasonally changing decorative displays that provide the perfect backdrops for mid-meal selfies.

As regards the food, I heard mixed reviews before my visit. Some I spoke to said the food was outstanding and assured me I’d be blown away by delectable dim sum and sensational small plates. Others warned it’s all style and no substance, with the focus being on the theatrical presentation of dishes rather than the flavour.

We visited on Thursday evening and were seated at a table in the centre of the restaurant, perfectly placed beneath the blooms of the cherry blossom tree. When it comes to creating a romantic ambience, Tattu has nailed it. It’s aesthetically perfect and the soft lighting and reasonably spaced out tables make it ideal for an intimate date night. Had my husband and I been there for a pre-Valentine’s meal rather than a media visit, we would undoubtedly have fully immersed ourselves in a fairytale evening for which Tattu has so expertly set the scene.

An exceptionally knowledgeable staff member, David, looked after us for the duration of the evening; explaining the ordering process, guiding us through the creative menu, offering recommendations and ensuring our glasses were never empty. With the menu being rather extensive and pretty much everything sounding mouthwateringly delicious, his assistance and expertise were much appreciated.

My Dining Experience at Tattu Leeds…

Cocktails and Wine

My husband and I are rather partial to a cocktail or two and Tattu boasts some superb offerings. David took the time to ask us about our usual taste preferences and pointed out the ones that would be the most pleasing on our individual and rather different palates. My husband ordered Tattu’s signature Skull Candy (£14.50). Their most popular cocktail since opening in 2015, this sweeter-than-sweet favourite comprises Crystal Head Vodka and homemade bubblegum syrup.

Preferring fruitier numbers with subtle floral notes, I ordered the recommended Dragon’s Breath (£15.50) which is a new addition to the menu, launched specifically for the Lunar New Year. Pairing Bobby’s Gin and ODD Hibiscus with lemongrass and pomegranate, Tattu has created something special here.

When it comes to wine, my husband and I are worlds apart. I would normally choose a full-bodied, spicy red whereas Mr Wilson-Barrett prefers a sweet and fruity rosé. David recommended a bottle of Calafuria (£47). This fresh and floral rosé is made from the Negroamaro grape variety, normally used to create reds and was the perfect compromise.

Dim Sum

At Tattu, you order several dishes at once and as they differ considerably in cooking times, they arrive in no particular order. Our first wave of food consisted of two individually chosen dim sum.

I’m a lover of seafood whereas Mr Wilson-Barrett cannot abide it. Eager to sample Tattu’s creative version of a takeaway favourite, I ordered the Lobster and Prawn French Toast (£14.60).

Vastly different to the heavy, deep-fried triangles drenched with Sweet & Sour sauce I’m used to, these delectable spheres of sweet and juicy lobster and prawn meat, encased in a sesame seed crust were utterly delightful. The fried bread element was present but just enough to provide that familiar texture and allow the other flavours to take centre stage.

My husband chose the Aromatic Duck Spring Rolls (£12.50). Packed with a flavoursome filling and served with a slightly tart Cherry Hoisin sauce, they were thoroughly enjoyed.

Crispy Duck Pancakes

Our second wave of deliciousness arrived only moments after our first plates had been cleared and was a sight to behold! The 1/2 Aromatic Crispy Duck Pancakes (£33.60) small (ish!) plate was a platter of perfection with its array of colours and textures. This is by far one of Tattu’s most popular dishes and rightly so.

The skin on the succulent duck breasts was gloriously crisp and when encased in the paper-thin pancakes with the accompanying cucumber, spring onion and scattering of crispy shallots, it was a heavenly eating experience. I was relieved somewhat to find we’d been given an equal number of pancakes as had there been one left over, we would surely have fought over it.

This wave of food also included what was possibly my favourite dish of the night – the Red Belly Pork (£15.30). Belly is my husband’s favourite cut of pork and I cook this for him regularly at home. I am now utterly appalled by my culinary efforts as these melt-in-the-mouth morsels were incredible. Smothered in a spicy, savoury sauce and topped with smoked crackling, they were consumed at the speed of light. Sensational!

Beef Fillet and Fried Rice

Choosing just one other small plate felt like an insurmountable task when we were initially looking through the menu. Despite my husband’s dislike for seafood, there were still a significant number of dishes that tempted us equally. If the duck pancakes were anything to go by, the Glazed Beef Bao Buns (£21.60) would probably be outstanding and although the priciest by a mile, the Japanese Black Wagyu (£68.30) with enoki mushroom sounded divine.

After much deliberation, we decided to order another meaty masterpiece – the Caramel Soy Aged Beef Fillet (£40.90) plus a side of Duck Egg and Chinese Sausage Fried Rice (£7.40)

The beef fillet was cooked medium as requested and well rested. For a 7oz fillet, we seemed to have quite a substantial number of slices and each was beautifully juicy and flavoursome. The accompanying caramel soy sauce elevated this premium dish even further and I would not hesitate to order it again. We ordered similar at another high-end Chinese restaurant in Leeds a while back and whilst that one was good, Tattu’s version surpassed all expectations.

The rice was full of flavour and the little chunks of Chinese sausage scattered throughout made it all the more enjoyable. It was a tad on the greasy side but not enough to make it unpleasant. At this point, we were getting rather full so we didn’t quite manage to finish the rice, however, it did make a great accompaniment to that beautiful beef.

Decadent Desserts

There aren’t a huge number of desserts to choose from at Tattu but the offerings are always nicely varied so there’s something to suit most palates. As our cocktails had arrived theatrically with billowing smoke and subsequent oohs and aahs, I anticipated reel-worthy desserts also. I was not disappointed.

My pretty Cherry Blossom (£12.90) sweet course arrived similarly. Such dishes, however, are often a letdown when it comes to taste. I was pleased to discover that this creative dessert was as good as it looked. The dark chocolate branches of the miniature cherry tree were as tasty as the biscuity pink soil and fruit mousse it was rooted in. The candyfloss blooms added an element of sweetness and the slightly tart cherry sorbet balanced out the dish.

Mr Wilson-Barrett opted for the rather indulgent-sounding The Year of Dragon (£13.90) which although didn’t offer the theatrical element that my dessert did, was just as aesthetically pleasing, being served in a beautifully-decorated white chocolate glass and topped with a floral decoration. We expected the combination of cashew butter fudge, honeycomb and marshmallow to result in a rather rich and sickly dessert but it was surprisingly light and ever so moreish!

Lunar New Year

A spectacular Lunar New Year offering was launched across all five Tattu restaurants on February 9th and will conclude on Saturday 24th February with a Lantern Festival.

A beautiful series of dishes has been created, symbolising good luck, strength and health. These limited edition delights include the Peking Duck Money Bag with hints of orange and chilli and the delicious The Year of Dragon dessert which we tried during our visit.

The closing evening of this two-week-long event promises to be a memorable evening with Lion dancers and DJs weaving through the restaurant. Fancy an unforgettable dining experience at one of Leeds’ most Instagrammable restaurants? Visit the Tattu website to book a table!

This review was published following the receipt of a media invitation to dine at Tattu, Leeds. Invitations to dine do not guarantee a written review on our website and the restaurants we visit have no editorial control over our content. To discuss advertising opportunities, please email

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