The Man Behind The Curtain | Leed’s Michelin Starred Restaurant

The Man Behind The Curtain is Leed’s only Michelin Starred restaurant and one of just six throughout Yorkshire. It’s also one of the best restaurants in Leeds. It’s only been open for a few years, but in that time, head chef Michael O’Hare has delighted food lovers from all over the world. The dishes on the menu are nothing short of theatrical, and their inventive take on food is intriguing.

They create an experience for their guests in a modern, artistic fashion. They’ve held their Michelin star since 2015, and also hold three AA Rosettes. 

O’hare has a vibrant culinary CV and has worked as head chef at The Blind Swine in York. The restaurant takes its name from The Wizard of Oz, although when it first opened, it didn’t have a name at all. O’hare said “I get a lot of people asking me if I’m the man behind the curtain. You can’t stop it, but you can mock it.”

It’s widely known for its unusual menu, which changes every week and includes the likes of olives wrapped in edible cellophane and chocolate pudding and pork rinds. If you’re interested in booking a table, make sure to book well in advanced. 

It’s also one of Leed’s most expensive restaurants where you can expect to spend anywhere from £42 – £115 a head.

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