Three Quarters of Brits are Set to Ditch Traditional Easter Roasts for BBQs

New data has revealed that more than three quarters of meat-eating Brits (76%) will be ditching Easter traditions and starting BBQ season early when hosting family and friends for the occasion this year.

The survey, by the UK’s leading manufacturer of Wagyu beef, Warrendale Wagyu, polled people on their plans ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend finding that just over a quarter (26% ) will be tucking into the customary roast dinner.

With Brits itching for Summer already, three in five (58%) have already created their Easter BBQ menu for the end of March and a further 16% are waiting on the weather forecast to lock in on their alfresco dining plans.

Other data found that the mould is being broken when it comes to meat choices too as just one in five (18%) say they’ll be opting for traditional lamb this year. The majority of those polled (82%) are set to experience finer dining this Easter, with Wagyu beef the top choice, leaving chicken with no takers.

Whilst a traditional Sunday dinner might be out of the question for many, people were certain roast potatoes (69%) still had to make the plate, accompanied by roast vegetables and the classic Yorkshire pudding (28%). The poll also revealed, people will be choosing a Spring salad to complement their Easter Dinner– with Google searches for Spring salad inspiration on the incline over the last month.

For those who are following tradition, Sirloin and Topside roasting joints are proving the most popular options for Easter roasts this year, according to Warrendale Wagyu’s best selling products.

Hannah Lendon, Marketing Manager at Warrendale Wagyu comments: “We’ve started to see a shift amongst consumers around the Easter holidays, and it feels as though people are looking for new and alternative ways to switch up their menus and enjoy celebrating the event with family and friends.

“It’s not surprising to see that BBQs are growing in popularity as they are great way to socialise in larger groups and the whole eating and cooking experience can feel more inclusive for hosts and guests alike. We’ve actually noticed a 94% increase in sales for our small BBQ box sales year on year since 2022 around the Easter period.

“What was interesting from our survey was the amount of people bringing together more customary Easter foods, like roast potatoes and Yorkshire’s, with alternative meat options like Wagyu in an alfresco setting.

“Menus for Easter definitely seem to be evolving as people look to create diverse dining experiences by presenting guests with a range of unique as well as traditional choices.”

Warrendale Wagyu’s Wagyu BBQ box is perfect for Easter entertaining. It comes with a selection of BBQ treats which will be a show stopper at any BBQ. Burgers, Kebab chunks and Steaks make up the box and it’s enough to feed at least 8 people comfortably. This box is perfect for sharing with friends and family.

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