Turkish Steakhouse Sensation Etci Mehmet is Coming to Leeds!

Ecti Mehmet menu items

Yorkshire’s culinary scene is about to sizzle as Etci Mehmet, the renowned Turkish Steakhouse, announces its arrival in Leeds this summer. With its stellar reputation for exceptional steaks and a dining experience like no other, Etci Mehmet is set to become the new hotspot for food enthusiasts across the region.

Having already captured the hearts (and taste buds) of diners in Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham, Etci Mehmet brings its unique blend of premium culinary delights, vibrant atmosphere to the heart of Yorkshire.

At Etci Mehmet, every dining experience is a celebration. Guests are treated to a feast for the senses, with legendary fire shows and a mouthwatering Turkish-inspired menu available every day of the week. From the 28-day dry-aged premium beef to the show-stopping Etci Special Fillet Mignon prepared tableside with live flambé demonstrations, and not forgetting their sensational famous Turkish Baklava, there’s something to delight every palate.

Founder Mustafa aka ‘Baba’

Founded in Istanbul in 2012 by Mehmet & Mustafa (affectionately known as Baba), Etci Mehmet launched its first UK restaurant in Manchester, which instantly became the city’s hottest dining spot. Followed by openings in Riyadh, Birmingham, Liverpool, Doha & Casablanca. With its arrival in Leeds, creating 60 jobs in the city, the restaurant is set to become a firm favourite among locals and visitors alike. 

Their UK brand has rapidly risen to a high-profile favourite, attracting loyal and regular guests including celebrities and sports stars. Etci Mehmet has a unique way of bringing people together in their relaxed yet vibrant restaurants. They have created the perfect place to enjoy a delicious lunch, dinner with friends and celebrations for the whole family to enjoy, with the warmth of their hospitality.

Speaking ahead of the Leeds launch, Operations Director Amine el Gueddar commented:

 “We are thrilled to continue our UK expansion. Leeds has been cooking for a long time and was the next natural destination. Many of our current guests travel weekly from the Yorkshire district, including Bradford, Huddersfield, Batley, Dewsbury and Wakefield, we wanted to bring the Etci experience closer to them. 

Leeds ticks all the boxes, and we found the perfect location on Eastgate, Headrow, in the heart of the city. It is easily accessible to students, professionals, and families alike. With ample parking and proximity to transport links and motorways, enjoying a delicious meal at Etci Mehmet has never been easier.”

As one of the UK’s largest cities, Leeds holds a wealth of opportunities for Etci Mehmet. The restaurant is excited to become a part of the city’s thriving community and looks forward to contributing to its development and growth.

“We can’t wait to create an inviting atmosphere at our new restaurant, filled with our passion for food and hospitality,” said el Gueddar. “We love seeing everyone enjoying their time together with us and we’re excited to serve, support and entertain the Yorkshire community!”

For more information, visit www.etcimehmet.co.uk or follow them on @etcimehmet_uk.

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