Warrendale Wagyu Launch New Pre-Rubbed Meat Selection for Sensational Summer BBQs

Warrendale Wagyu new BBQ range - skewers

Making it easy for BBQ lovers this Summer, the UK’s leading manufacturer of Wagyu beef has launched its first selection of pre-rubbed meats that will be sure to cut down cooking time and leave taste buds tingling.

Warrendale Wagyu has combined luxury and convenience with its newest offering which sees classic Wagyu products such as Short Rib, Brisket, Skewers and Bavette being coated with four tantalising flavours created to enhance that signature Wagyu taste.

The perfect centre piece for traditional BBQ dishes such as homemade slaw, rice and salads, all products are available to purchase online from Wednesday 24th April, with prices ranging from £20 to £37.

Argentinian Bavette – £20 500g

Our mouthwatering chimichurri-rubbed Wagyu Bavette showcases the luxurious quality of Wagyu beef, whilst celebrating the bold and herbaceous flavours of Argentine cuisine. It’s a delightful fusion of premium ingredients and traditional flavours that is sure to impress any steak enthusiast.

Southern Style Skewers – £24 1kg

Tender chunks of British Wagyu Beef seasoned with a flavourful Cajun style rub. The Cajun flavours are reminiscent of the punchy and vibrant culinary style originating from Louisiana imparting a savoury, aromatic quality to dishes. It showcases the perfect balance of heat, savoury richness, and aromatic herbs, offering an incredible taste.

Texan Brisket – £22 per KG

This brisket is generously coated with a Texan-style rub, which is a harmonious blend of smoky, spicy, and sweet flavours, creating a mouthwatering seasoning that’s perfect for authentic American barbecue.  This rub creates a savoury crust on the brisket during the cooking process, adding texture and depth to each bite and enhances the natural richness of the Wagyu beef.

Mexican Smoked Short Ribs – £37 per kg

Generously coated with a Mexican-inspired rub, these Wagyu Short Ribs offer a savoury blend of spices, including chilli powder, cumin, and garlic. This blend brings a bold and smoky flavour with a hint of heat to the succulent and tender Wagyu Beef.

Wayne Standley, Operations Manager at Warrendale Wagyu commented on the launch: “We’re so excited to be moving our much-loved meat into the pre-marinated space, offering a sense of ease to our customers who love to experiment with flavours and cuts, but may not have the time for a day of food prep and cooking.

“Whilst ensuring that the signature Wagyu taste still cuts through the added ingredients, it feels great to have created tasty, ready-to-go meat that brings together luxury and convenience.”

Warrendale Wagyu are also teaming up with @ArtustBBQ who will be showcasing the new pre-rubbed range on Instagram, cooking it himself and explaining all about the different options available. Take a look at his page for all BBQ tips and tricks

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