10 Leeds United Quiz Questions Every Fan Should Be Able To Answer!

Are you a real Leeds fan? The success of our recent season has meant that tonnes of plastic fans have come out of the woodwork. In this quiz, we’re asking 10 essential questions, which will help you decide whether you need to read up on your Leeds United knowledge or not!

What Was Elland Road Previously Known As?

Elland Road
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How Old Was James Milner When He Made His Premier League Debut?

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How Many Times Have Leeds United Finished In The 1st Position (all leagues)?

Leeds Top of the league
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Who's Leeds' Record Holding Goal Scorer?

Leeds United Goal Scorer
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How Many Days Was Brian Clough Manager?

Brian Clough Leeds United Manager
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What Year Did Leeds Win The FA Cup?

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Which of these players has a statue outside Elland Road?

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How Old Was Peter Lorimer when he made his club debut?

Peter Lorimer
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Who was Leeds United's first manager?

Leeds United 1923-24 Winners
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Which Stage Did David O'Leary's Team Finish in the 2001 Champions League?

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Leeds United Quiz
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