New Details Revealed for MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover Happening Next Month

Leeds is set to become a giant board game this summer as the MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover brings a unique and interactive experience to the city from 27th July to 1st September. This free event, organised in partnership with LeedsBID, invites participants to explore Leeds while engaging in a series of puzzles and challenges inspired by the beloved MONOPOLY game.

Participants can start their adventure by picking up a specially designed map highlighting key game areas and attractions across the city. The map includes puzzles to solve, with clues cleverly hidden at various locations. Players will add up property values as they progress, aiming to determine the cost of buying back the city.

The event features coloured zones, each with its own life-size MONOPOLY token housed in key retail locations. Players can hunt down the battleship, boot, duck, iron, racing car, scottie dog, top hat, and wheelbarrow. The game includes real streets—22 in total—spread across the city centre, and incorporates key transport locations such as Leeds City Station, Leeds Bus Station, Wellington Place Lifting Tower, and Leeds Dock Water Taxi. The game’s utilities are also represented, offering photo opportunities with a floating tap, a light bulb, and even a cell where people can ‘Go to Jail.’

Students from the Leeds Conservatoire, dressed as iconic MONOPOLY tokens, will be stationed throughout the city to assist players, verify puzzle solutions, and distribute stamps for correct answers.

The event features an array of exciting prizes available at Community Chest and Chance locations, and getaway packages can be won at the red hotel situated at The Junction.

Beyond the main game, MONOPOLY-themed activities will continue throughout the city. Weekend workshops at Waterstones, hosted by the Bank of England, and mathematical games at MathsCity will offer additional entertainment for visitors.

Key partners collaborating with LeedsBID to bring this event to life include Child Friendly Leeds, Leeds Corn Exchange, Merrion Centre, Royal Armouries, St Johns Centre, The Light, Trinity Leeds, The Junction, and Victoria Leeds.

Andrew Cooper, Leeds BID

Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive at LeedsBID, shared his excitement: “The MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover is an exciting addition to our city’s summer programme. It’s a fantastic opportunity for families and friends to explore Leeds in a new and engaging way. This event reflects our commitment to making Leeds a vibrant and enjoyable place for all.”

Sadiya Salim, Partnership Development Coordinator at Child Friendly Leeds, expressed enthusiasm for the event: “Child Friendly Leeds was established with the ambition to make Leeds the best city to grow up in. LeedsBID has been at the forefront of making Leeds city centre a place to visit and have fun, while being inclusive for all children and families, especially during school holidays. The MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover is exactly that – and we want to ensure as many families as possible can experience this wonderful free event in the city.”

Matt Proulx, Senior Vice President, Global Experiences, Partnerships and Music at Hasbro, added: “For nearly 90 years, MONOPOLY has been a timeless classic enjoyed by many generations. The MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover is sure to bring all of that to life through this free, immersive themed experience, and as we gear up for the brand’s milestone anniversary next year, fans can expect to see more fun, new brand offerings to celebrate the world’s favourite family board game.”

The MONOPOLY Leeds Takeover promises to be a memorable event for residents and visitors alike. For more information, visit and follow @MONOPOLYLeeds on social media.

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