4 of the best Dog Trainers in Leeds

Looking for the best dog trainers in Leeds? Our roundup of the best trainers in the Leeds region is here to help.

It’s no secret that a dog with challenging behaviour can have a negative impact on your life, causing stress and potentially creating a dangerous environment at home. But fear not, whether you’re wanting to learn how to calm an over-excited puppy or need to tame a dog with challenging behaviour, the dog trainers on this list are on hand with expert insights and track records in these very situations.

So buckle in and read our recommendations of the best dog trainers in Leeds.

Leeds Dog School

The Moorlands, Leeds LS17 8AB 

Leeds Dog School, founded in 2010, has a stellar reputation when it comes to training dogs in Leeds and the wider Yorkshire region. As well as countless rave reviews online, the people behind the company have some seriously impressive experience to draw on.

Having spent a period working in Dubai, head trainer at Leeds Dog School Rob Dye has worked with a series of eminent and influential people in the UAE, including the daughter of the ruler of the nation.

Rob and the rest of the teamwork closely with customers to understand the specific challenges they’re hoping to overcome and will craft a training programme designed to deliver results.

The wider team at the dog school are also seasoned professionals who’ve studied with some of the biggest names in the industry. They have experience working with countless breeds of dogs with a vast range of behavioural challenges. No matter whether your pup is a working dog, puppy, large dog or anything in between, recommending Leeds Dog School is easy.

The company has a near-perfect 4.8 stars out of 5 from over 500 reviews on Google, with comments like “Was at my wit’s end with my stubborn Doberman dexter pulling on the lead barking at dogs or anything that moved. He didn’t know the meaning of the word no. A quick call to these Dave came out the next day with 1/12 hours my dog was like a totally different dog walked at the side of me major improvements on the barking etc. Very professional throughout. Dave sent me lots of information and tips to keep me going would highly recommend definitely a 5 star”

Visit their website to find out more.


Swithens Farm, Swithens Lane, Rothwell, Leeds LS26 0BT

With over a decade in business, the passionate trainers at Walkabout Hounds in Rothwell are dedicated to helping the people of Leeds achieve a more harmonious relationship with their canine family.

Along with countless 5-star reviews, the company works hard to keep up to date with the latest methods and theories in the industry, and having read their reviews – the results speak for themselves.

As well as 121 sessions, which are bespoke to your needs, they also offer group training sessions which cater for all experience levels of dog owners, be that complete beginner or advanced.

Their classes are based within their modern training centre at Swithens Far – but a word of warning – their class sizes are relatively small, so if you’re interested don’t hang about.

Alongside their training facilities and classes, they also have an on-site shop where you’ll find a great selection of natural foods, treats and even an array of gifts that are perfect for dogs and their owners alike.

A recent customer said “Fantastic place, very friendly staff, and great training tips, our staffy has had some anxiety issues which caused him to chase his tail constantly when people visited or when he got too excited, couldn’t have people round due to his behaviour, after 2 121 training sessions with James his behaviour increased dramatically, when people used to come round he wouldn’t settle, we once tried to see if he would ever calm down and after 3.5 hours we gave up.

First time having people over after this training he laid on his bed and went to sleep after 5 minutes, which he has never done before, cannot thank you enough James, he’s a different dog!”

The Fairydogmother

Unlike the others on this roundup, the Fairydogmother is a one-woman dog trainer in Leeds.

With that, Kerry (the Fairydogmother) offers a highly personalised and carefully crafted service for her customers, who often comment on her professionalism – not to mention the great results she gets.

With accreditations and qualifications in no short supply, her wealth of experience has delighted dog owners across the city on numerous occasions. In terms of specialisms, Kerry excels when it comes to helping fearful and anxious dogs become more zen and confident.

Understanding the challenges and negative impact an unruly hound can have on an owner’s life, as well as the stress experienced by the dog itself, Kerry’s passion for helping to create more content canines is easy to see.

The type of issues that she has experience with varies greatly, so if you’re wondering if she can address your specific requirements, get in touch with her via her website.

A recent review of Kerry described “Working with Kerry was great. Really appreciated how she listened and focussed on what was right for our dog and for us. Kerry has helped enormously, guiding us to help Juno overcome her anxiety around traffic. We picked up loads of other tips and fun tricks along the way and now have a happy, relaxed dog.”

Find out more on her website.

The Yorkshire Canine Academy

Based in Leeds, but serving the surrounding Yorkshire area, The Yorkshire Canine Academy specialises in all things canine behaviour. Whether it’s the challenges of raising a puppy or managing and getting dog aggression under control – the team has a wealth of experience and countless rave reviews from the dog owners they’ve worked with.

They’ve established a variety of processes to provide excellent service across the board. Many of their reviews are filled with passionate appreciation for the company, with one recent review saying “

We got in touch with Yorkshire canine academy for help with our 1 year old Dobermann who was reactive towards other dogs.

She unfortunately lost her leg due to a dog attack as a puppy which made her nervous and frustrated while around other dogs. Going on walks would be something I would dread in case we came across dogs as she would become reactive.

Reaching out to Jacob and the team was the best decision we ever made. I once thought this is what she was going to be like forever, she was past help. But I was wrong.

We dropped Olive off for a days Kickstarter and I couldn’t believe my eyes when we picked her up. She was walking beautifully on the lead and looked so much more calmer in herself.

We have a couple more sessions left and her progress so far has been amazing. Our last 1-1 session included 4/5 other dogs and she did great so we will be joining some group classes soon.

Jacob and the team have been so patient with us and helped us out with anything we struggled with. Jacob broke everything down into stages and explained exactly what he wanted us to do at home. We now have a dog who is so much happier and we couldn’t be more grateful. We would recommend them in a heartbeat!”

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