The Kraken’s ‘Ice Clean’ protest rolls into Leeds

On Saturday 14th of August, The Kraken Rum and marine conservation charity PADI AWARE will bring ‘Ice Clean’ to Leeds – a protest ice cream created to raise awareness amongst holidaymakers about the impact of litter on the UK’s beaches.

From plastic bags, milk cartons and aluminium cans to plastic ring pulls, plastic bottles and single-use cutlery, each black ice cream is topped with 3D-printed edible toppings representing the top polluters in the ocean.

The nationwide roll-out, which is coming to Leeds, acts as a gentle nudge to recycle and properly dispose of litter this summer. It’s the most delicious way to demonstrate, with each bite of The Kraken ‘Ice Clean’, your support for the protest!

This follows marine conservation charity, PADI AWARE Foundation, reporting a 36% drop in the amount of ocean waste it was able to collect throughout lockdown, equating to the weight of three-and-a-half Killer Whales.

To show support for The Kraken’s ‘Ice Clean’ protest, followers of The Beast can wrap their tentacles around a scoop for £1, with all proceeds donated to PADI AWARE Foundation. What’s more, Kraken will match each donation pound-for-pound and intends to help the charity in its mission to reduce ocean debris by half within the next decade. So, get ordering!

To join The Kraken Ice Clean movement head to Head of Steam, Cuckoo and The Freaky Tiki Hideaway in Leeds on Saturday 14th August. For more information, please head to The Kraken Instagram page.


Saturday 14th August


  • Head of Steam at 5pm – 9pm, Park Row LS1 5HN
  • Cuckoo at 3pm – 5pm, Call Lane LS1 7BT
  • The Freaky Tiki Hideaway at 5pm – 7pm, Call Lane LS1 6DT

Kraken’s Ice Clean will also be travelling to Manchester, Glasgow, London and Brighton throughout August.


£1 with all proceeds donated to PADI AWARE Foundation, with Kraken matching each donation pound-for-pound.

For more information:

To find out more about The Kraken’s ‘Ice Clean’, please visit The Kraken Rum’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

To donate to PADI AWARE Foundation, please visit

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