Zaap Thai Leeds – Authentic Bangkok Street Food

Zaap, Grand Arcade, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6PG

Zaap Thai is a well known, bustling and inviting Thai restaurant in Leeds.

Since opening in May 2015, it’s attracted lots of visitors from across the city and beyond, keen to experience one of Leeds’ most unique restaurants. From the outside, it’s hard to miss, with its vibrant neon signage and colourful displays. The sign of a good restaurant is that there are always people eating there, and when you walk past Zaap Thai, it’s a rare occassion to see it anything other than heaving.

Inside, Zaap Thai is a veritable treasure trove of authentic Thai decoration. On the walls hang authentic remnants of old Thailand, neon signs serve to create an atmosphere of Bangkok and dotted around the restaurant you’ll see real tuk tuks (which you can eat within.)

External of Zaap Thai in Leeds

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by an enthusiastic host, who’ll take you to your table and talk you through the extensive menu, explaining some of the history behind the restaurant, culture and the many dishes available on the menu. 

They value authenticity at Zaap Thai, and that can be seen in their food. The western pallet has become accustomed to an almost “Anglicized” version of Thai food, which many who have visited South East Asia will profess to. However,  Zaap Thai doesn’t conform to this at all and uses traditional methods to create simple dishes, with lots of flavour. Their food is designed to emulate what you would find in bustling Bangkok.

Zaap Thai in Leeds on Merrion Street

Zaap Thai’s lively atmosphere is now an intrinsic part of the vibrant nightlife scene that has developed on Merrion Street in recent years, and it’s certainly at home here.

They describe their restaurant “When you step inside a Zaap restaurant you will feel like you have been transported into a Bangkok street food market, with all its magical hustle and bustle, neon lighting, funky tuk tuks and, of course the most amazing Thai street food you will ever taste!

With over 80 of the most authentic Thai street food dishes on the menu, your taste buds will rock to the Bangkok vibe and you’ll feel like you are in the street food capital of the world, Thailand.”

What people say about Zaap Thai Leeds

“Zaap was recommended to us by a friend as we were in Leeds for a long weekend I’m so glad we took the advice such great food full of flavour and perfectly cooked I had the green curry and my friend had the red curry both were amazing the decor was fantastic with tuk tuks in the restaurant that you could dine in . It was a great experience dining here and the young staff were the most helpful and pleasant I have came across if ever back it leeds I will definitely return.”

If you’re in the mood for something out of the ordinary, Zaap Thai is certainly a great place to start. 

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