3 Remarkable Fast Food Places To Visit in Leeds

Loiners are notoriously famous for being foodies, so it’s only natural that the fast food culture is very popular in Leeds. Yes, home-cooked food is amazing, but what’s better than a good-old kebab, fish and chips burger, or a ham and cheese baguette on a night out? Brittons are truly spoiled when it comes to fast foods, and Leeds is among the top UK cities with the most fast food outlets per capita.

In this article, we will present you with the top 3 best fast food places you just have to visit if you’re ever in Leeds. Be it because you simply love fast food, want to ‘live like a local’, or are looking for a place to hang out and even make the most of some bingo bonuses that you’ve claimed, the fast food scene in Leeds is so diverse that you’ll have a hard time picking out the place to eat. 

3 of The Best Fast Food Places To Visit If You’re Ever in Leeds

Almost Famous

Located on 23-25 Great George Street in Leeds, you’ll immediately recognize Almost Famous by the giant gorilla that will meet you at the front door. A mix of trendy and vintage, the place is covered in neon lights and graffiti and has that cantina vibe that seems to be all the hype right now, at least according to Medium

What sets Almost Famous apart, though, are the big flavors. The burgers are just fantastic, and if you’re looking for a classic, patty-and-cheese combo, you can’t go wrong with the Juicy Double or the Famous Cheeseburger. However, the Loadad Stacks menu is the one to look out for. The Awesome HQ burger stacks two patties, two pieces of double buttermilk fried chicken, peri peri BBQ, bacon mayo, halloumi, and slaw – and it’s simply amazing!

Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana

A familiar name, Rudy’s Pizza is located on 2 New Station Street in Leeds – placed right outside the city’s main rail station.

The place is spacious, modern, and has a cozy, dining-hall like vibe, which is exactly what you want from a pizza place. That and delicious pizza, of course. And the pizza at Rudy’s is extraordinary!

The menu is not really innovative, offering just a few starters and 14 pizzas to pick from, inspired by different regions in Italy. 

According to their website, the double fermented dough is made on site every day, and it’s cooked for just 60 seconds to achieve its ‘soft, light and floppy’ feel. The end product is great, and, as Product Owner Tony Sloterman puts it: Anyone who loves food knows that what really matters is if the food is good and if it gives you pleasure – and Rudy’s most certainly does!

Murgatroyds Fish and Chips

Widely considered to be the best place in Yorkshire to have fish and chips, Murgatroyds is located on 71 Harrogate Road in Yeadon. The decor is bright and dinner-style, and it offers a takeaway service. 

The service at Murgatroyds is excellent, and the fish and chips is delicious. The main dish menu includes haddock, plaice, and cod filet, and it’s served with bread, butter, and potatoes. 

The house specials menu includes Ocean Pie, which is a combination of haddock and Icelandic prawns in a parsley sauce, and the desserts mainly include traditional hot puddings. Overall, the fish and chips is what you’d expect and more, and Murgatroyds is most definitely one of the places to visit in the Leeds area, especially if you’re flying in at the Leeds Bradford Airport.

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